Sissy fiction tg caption the scriptwriter


During his study as scriptwriter, Gerard got the advice to use situations and
topics that are familiar to him in his stories to give them an air of authenticity.
Then Gerard faced a challenge, as he had to write a story with around a female
head character. So Gerard used a whishing coin to gain some experience as
women so that he could “write what he knows” after some first-hand

When his best friend Brad came around one week later to take his best friend
Gerard for an earlier agreed fishing trip, he was supprissed with what he
found. When arriving at the apparent he knocked on the door. “Come in,”
came a lilting voice from inside, “it’s not locked.” Brad’s jaw dropped. Gerard’s
apartment had changed it was more feminine looking besides that a woman
dressed in a short with dress and stockings was walking around. “I know who
you are” said the woman, with no alarm or warning in her voice. Brad
stammered and started to walk out the door. “Wait and let me explain it.” said
the woman as she took Brad’s hand and lead him to the sofa.

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“Come sit next to me. I know you were expecting Gerard.” Gigi told her former
best friend. “Let me explain what has happened and why I looking like this.
After using the whishing coin, I started losing muscle power and width around
my waist, arms and legs. After that, my hips and ass started to develop in
shapes that are more feminine. One day later, I also started to develop breasts
and my hair started to grow. Then I knew what was going on I was becoming a
woman so I decided to start dressing as one.”

“Since yesterday the changes are complete and I am now really a woman. I can
tell you this real help me in getting my head around that female character.
However, I need so additional experience. Therefore, I was hoping that you
would take me out tonight. I know that things are changed now I am a

woman, so I will need some guidance during the first night out as a woman
and I hope you are willing to help me with that.” “Of course I would love to.”
Brad said with a smile