Fiction crossdressing not awake yet


Morning Kate. I feel like crap this morning. Thanks for making the coffee.What do you mean it’s not coffee? Funny joke. You know I’m not awake until I have my coffee…

Femininity potion? turn me into a girl? Funny. *Yawn* Damn, I think I need to get my hair cut, it keeps falling into my face this morning. Yeah, yeah, yeah. ‘lt’s long because you drank my potion, and you’re a girl now’. Funny Kate.

Good, at least you’re admitting it’s a joke. I’d hate to see how I’d react if you really could turn me from a guy into a girl. Odds are you’d be even more smug than you are right now, and I’d totally freak out.

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Of course you would be. And I would do that too. Or at least I would if l were awake. But anyways… I still feel like I can fall back asleep sitting up. I think I’ll take my chances with your whole ‘turn into a girl potion’… I mean

Thanks. Dang this is good coffee.