Fiction about swimsuit shoot tg



“Adam?” called out the miniskirt-clad assistant from the doorway. ”We’re ready for you.”

Adam entered the room. They were shooting for a swimsuit edition of their ‘TG Chic’ magazine. Adam didn’t know why it was called that but this shoot could really help him in the modelling world, so he applied.

Upon entering Adam saw that everyone in the room was female except one man in
the middle of the room, Enrique, the founder of TG Chic. All of the women appeared
to be in their mid-205, dressed in provocative clothing.

“So… what will I be wearing?” asked Adam as he couldn’t see any shorts or even
speedos anywhere.

What you will be wearing is right over here hun,” said the assistant from before.
She directed Adam to a table and on it was a chequered swimsuit with frilly black
lace around the edge.

“This has to be a joke right?” Adam laughed.

“Not at all. This is what’s soon to be in-fashion for men on beaches everywhere.”
Dubiously, Adam went behind a screen and put on the swimsuit. As he put it on, a
strange sensation travelled through his body. Adam started to shed hair from any
and all areas of his body save for his eyebrows, and the hair on top of his head grew
longer and turned bright blonde!

Adam started to feel his muscles weaken and suddenly he became a lot slimmer. His
fingernails grew and the frilly black lace on the cusp of the cleavage began to expand
what were now breasts outwards.

Adam could then feel his manhood shrink away as the bulge in his swimsuit

Finally, two beautiful pearl earrings formed in his lobes, which released toxins directly into Adam’s ears, altering his brainwaves and drastically decreasing his IQ. A male voice called out, “Amanda, are you ready?” And Adam, or rather Amanda, now in her new female form, emerged from behind the screen.

“Yes Master. Where do you want me to stand?”