Fiction about Shapeshifters don’t get tickets tg caption


sissy crossdress

sigh*“just pull over, I got this.” He said over the roaring of sirens behind them.

“Bro, thank you so much. My parents would murder me if I got a ticket!”

“Yeah. . .whatever. Don’t expect me to be so generous next time this happens.”

His friend was choked up as he saw his body change. He slowly transformed into a completely different person. His hair grew out, his face change structure,and body shrunk in size.All of his body hair was sucked inside,and his thighs fattened.They grew until he had a nice set of womanly hips. His clothes had changed too, into a small top that showed his new flat stomach and curvy frame. His jeans had become a vibrant blue shirt. He unzipped his top, and two delicious DD Cup breasts fell out. He was silently aroused
by the gesture,as was his friend.

“The cop’s going to love this.” He said as his voice got higher.“This is why shapeshifter never get speeding tickets.” He said as the officer walked to her car window.