Fiction about After the transformation



Hello my name is Logan. But I have a feeling I won’t be able to call my self that for much longer. See last week I was at a bar with a bunch of my budy’s when I met this really hot women. We had a few drinks and talked together for a little while before she asked if i wanted to go to here place for the night. Me being the man I am didn’t say know. That night was alot of fun but during all the fun she bit me. It only got the surface but I thought nothing of it.

The next day I wasn’t feeling that well so I went home and rested for a little while. When I woke up it was around 5pm so I decided to heat up some left over pizza and watch some tv. After about an hour I started to feel wierd. I put it aside thinking it was just because I was starting to get sick and kept on watching tv.

As I was watching tv I could feel something tickling the back of my neck. So I reached up to find ot that it was my hair that had grown to just past my chest in length. I then decided to go to the bathroom to check it out. as I was going I started to have a sharp pain in my stumic forcing me down to my hands and knees. I looked and watched as my hands and arms shrink and lose all their muscels. I could also see as well as feel my finge nails lengthin and become manicured. I then felt my shoulders colapse in as my hips cracked out giving me a buitigul start to female curves. I felt waist cave in as my back arched forward with a loud crack. I then felt my body shrink from its former 6’2″ to 5’6″ and my legs lengthen amd gane a feminine shap to them. I watched as all my body hair dissapered and left behine smooth buitiful taned skin. I then felt my face contort as my eyes became wider, my nose shrank, my lips plumped up, my checks rouse, and my face rounded of finishing a beautiful feminine face. I then Iayed down on my back and brought my hands down to my penis and balls as I felt it shrink in and turn into a beautful wet vagina finishing off my female reproductove system. I then brought my hands back up to my chest as I felt my nipples harden and my chest expand into to sexy breasts to what I could guess was c-cup in size. finaly my pants dissapered and my shirt and underwear morphed together and and finished up as a onepiece bathing suit.

When the transformation was finally done and the pain was gone I got back up and finished heading to the bathroom. When I got there I looked in the mirror not believing what I saw I was a hot sexy women. The only thing I could think of that would cause this was the bit that girl gave me last night. I heard of things like this before but never really believed in it.

So after that I went to bed tired from the transformation and woke up the next morning and was back to my male self. but once I gane the transformation happened at noon. every time I transform I stay female for even longer then the last. which leeds me to believe soon I will be female permanently luckaly when I chang all my clothes change aswell. I even called some of my friends and when I saved hello they called me by the name of Melonie. So i gues when I change it makes my information change aswell like I was always born
female. I am actually starting to get used to it and like it. I am a hot one anyways.