Feminization sexy corrie fiction


I see you over there, Lover Boy, staring at me while trying to loo
like you’re not. Like what you see? How about when I flip my hai
like this, put a little deep hip action into it? Or how about when I
lean in and give you some cleavage. You like that?

It’s cute to watch you blush. Heh. Big tough man.

Does my body make you uncomfortable? The way I flaunt it?
Well, it’s your fault. Maybe you shouldn’t have tricked me into
putting the TG ring on my finger. We were plenty happy as a
couple of dudes, just kicking back, having fun. But you had to
turn me into a woman and make things all weird.

Or maybe I’m looking at it wrong. Maybe you thought I would be
the one made to feel uncomfortable by this change. Is that it,
Sweet Cheeks? You thought I’d hate becoming a woman, didn’t
you. Ah, your blush says I’m right.

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You thought I’d want to hide my lips, my eyes, my… hips. You
thought that having my abundant cleavage showing above my
low-cut blouse would make me squeal and cover up. Sweet,
sweet man. It never occured to you that I’d drink this change up
and push it back at you.

Well, you want to know what I think? I think you and I are lost
deep in these thick, dark woods. I’m the prettiest thing for miles
around, stuck here wearing this beautiful feminine body. And
there’s nobody around but you… and me.

No, you’re not getting away from me, Pretty Boy. You turned me
into a girl, so you have to be the one to make a real woman out
of me!