Feminization fiction tg caption transformation serum


(Please sir, my name is Kimiko Ogawa. and I don ‘t know what
I ’m doing here. Can you return me to my family, please?
Amazing. You’re sure this “as agent wilson?

Oh yes, he’s still in there. It just needs the correct
command to bring him back. Watch!

(Snick!) ‘. . . this is Me most humifiating thing that ‘s ever
happened to me! I ’m an school girl for god’s sake! Can ‘t
you change me back – er Sir?”

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Wilson, you volunteered to test this serum. Stop complaining! And now return to being Kimiko.
(Snick!) So as you can see the transformation serum really does exist. The labs have tried to analyse it; as well as oestrogen and various other hormones and steroids, there’s something else that they can’t break down, can’t identify. We call it magic.

Magic? Oh come on now, be serious! Magic doesn’t exist. No? Well consider this. As well as a complete physical change down to the chromosome level, he also gained a ready made personality, ‘Kimiko’. And the clothes he was wearing changed into this school

The clothes changed as well? But that’s – impossible!
Impossible? No, it seems to be – magic.

please sir, I ‘m just an ordinary schoolgirl I want to go home.