Crossdressing valentine an aiko story fiction


Two weeks had passed and Aiko was still waiting for a Valentine ‘s date. It wasn’t
that the boys in her class didn’t find her attractive, it wasn’t even that they didn’t
want to date her, in fact. they would do anything for Aiko. And there lay the
problem… Aiko had announced to the boys in the class that to be her Valentine
you didn’t need to give her flowers…or a card…or even write poetry…all you had
to do was take one of the heart shaped candies that lay in a bowl on the edge of
her desk. Everyone knew strange things happened to boys who ate Aiko’s candy,
rumours of it’s addictiveness and how after a single bite. boys would do anything
for another circulated. These went hand 0. hand with stories of what exactly Aiko
would make you do before giving you that precious second helping and so a
stand-off ensued…

Everything changed the day Rob joined the class. Transferred from another school
for being a bully. he was a brutish metal head with long greasy brown hair and
thick powerful limbs who loved nothing more than to torture his classmates. He
immediately set out to mark his territory and proceded to push around and mock
there staf theboysintheclass. Snatdling an iphone and shoving it into the
pocket of his dirty baggy jeans. something caugh this eye and he madeab-line
for Aiko’s desk where Aiko herself was sitting and smiling sweetly. ‘Thanks for
the free candy!’he mocked as he took a whole handful of there dream in his
finger less-gloved paw and shaved them ‘mto his mom. ‘Got any more…bitch?’
Not right now. ‘ she giggled softly, ‘but if you meet me after school I’ll give you
everything you‘ve ever wanted! ‘ Rob just granted as Aiko smiled on cutely. A
clam my sweat see me dto for mon his face and his pupilsdilatedwildly. he
suddenly stormed afi. knocking the empty bowl to the floor.



Not right now. ‘ she giggled softly, ‘but if you meet me after school I’ll give you
everything you’ve ever wonted!‘ Rob just grunted as Aiko smiled on cutely. A
clammy sweat seemed to form on his face and his pupils dilated wildly, he
suddenly stormed ofi. knocking the empty bowl to the floor.

The next morning when the bellrang to signal the start of a new day. there was
no mad rush to class. Instead, students crowded en masse around the play area
deflated [or the elementary kids. Some recorded on cell phones and others just
stood open-mouthed watching Rob. accompanied by Aiko. riding a carousel
horse. His greasy dork hair was now clean and bleadved blonde framing a
heavily madeup face and pouting red glossy lips. Gone were his metal band shirts
and baggy jeans and in their place was a short colorful and extremely feminine
dress that barely covered his tattoos combined with skin toned panty hose and
high-heeled MaryJanes. As the carousel turned. he gobbled voraciously on a red
heart-shaped condy lollipop. Between slurps. he looked out helplessly at the
crowd of students. the abject humiliation displayed clearly on his face for all to
see before his insotiable desire for another suck once again took over. Finally.
Aiko had got her Valentine!