Crossdressing today


As the drugs finally began to pass out of her system, Alex awoke with a start to unfamiliar sur-

roundings. Where she had been expecting to wake up, as she did traditionally, in her own bed, she

found that this was not the case. Instead she was in a dark room, with a splitting headache, and an

enormous unease throughout her whole body.

Reaching up with an arm, she felt the smoothest she had ever felt. Her skin was so soft she almost

thought that it was someone else’s arm she was touching. Sitting up even further, she began to

realise the headache was in fact a neck ache, and the two reasons for that began to pull down on

her. She hurriedly reached up, as her hands collided with two enormous breasts jutting out from

where there had been once hard muscle. It was here she stifled a scream, not knowing whether it

was safe to reveal her consciousness. The past few hours were completely hazy, but she still knew

who she was, who she was supposed to be, and how wrong this whole situation was.

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“Strange isn’t it?” came a voice from the darkness. It filled her with such an exquisite fear she

shuddered. “Finding that life isn’t what you’d imagined it would be. I don’t think you woke up this

morning thinking you’d be mine… but look at where we’ve ended up.”

While the words were shocking and terrible, the voice itself was that of someone she knew, some-

one she trusted. Someone she had trusted. It was Tony, her best childhood friend. A bookish nerd

who had obviously deviated from the path they had shared once. Alex grabbed the sheets on the

bed and covered herself, unsure of how much the figure in the darkness could make out.

“Tony?” she tried, realising how breathy and female her voice had become. “Is that you?”

“It was me…” came the reply. “But the Tony you know is dead, replaced by someone significantly

more in control of his situation.”

She felt the weight of the mattress shift as her host sat down close to her. She could hear his


“W’e were best friends, we were going to hang out forever… We were going to be successful and

the world would be our oyster. That is… Until I realised that was something you’d never share

with me.”

Alex had no idea what that meant.

“Tony? 1 don’t understand…”

“YOU ABANDONED ME!” Tony shouted, before composing himself. “We were two sides of the

same coin Alex, you were strong and charming and handsome, and I was everything else. Thank

god I was smart, but I’m everything you’re not. Now I’ve only completed the chain. I’m a man, and

you’re a woman. My woman to be specific.”

“You don’t have to do this Tony, I can help you…”

“Oh, it’s too late for that. Too late to change back too, I gave you so much of that serum it’s a

wonder you’re even still in there. You should have forgotten everything by now, consumed by the

pleasure… the female pleasure…”

Alex felt the prickle of electricity across her skin. Her thigh was being stroked by an unfamiliar

hand. She shifted her weight away, but not before she let out a brief breath. A stifled moan.

“It won’t be long now… It won’t be long before you forget yourself… It won’t be long before you’re