Crossdressing sissy fiction torment


Torment? If this is torment, then I hope it never ends!

What do I mean by that? Simple. I wasn’t always a girl. I was a guy. But some
asshole with thing… I don’t know how to describe it… It was like some sort of spell,
or a gun… Or whatever… It doesn’t matter what it was. I use to be a guy and I got
zapped. Instant girl.

Anyways… I use to be a guy. Sure I hated being a girl at first. I really did. But as
time passed I adjusted. And after a while, I started to actually like it.
Now I freakin’ love it!

So yeah. I know not every guy would love it. This probably is n’t for every guy.
Odds are some would go crazy trying to change back. Or they might be driven to
find other ways 130…. End their change.

Crossdresser sexy panties hide male organs Camel Toe lace underwear


With perfectly hiding your male organ with camel toe, wearing this panties should give you an entire a new feminine look, , you are a complete woman!

But not me. Being whatl am now is not torment. It’s not torture. Sure it’s different
from the norm, but it’s not bad.

If you think I’m being tormented, then you’re wrong.

Heck, if you think I’m being tormented, maybe you should try out a change like this
for yourself! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it!