Crossdressing sexy fiction felix


They say that the show must go on. For Felix, however, the show had been going on and on and
on… The show in question was the Saturday Night Hypnosis Show at the Palladium, hosted by
the Great Simon, where, watched by 200 people, Felix was hypnotised on-stage along with a
group of other volunteers. Sounds harmless right? But what if! told you that while on stage, Felix
had been hypnotised to act increasingly feminine for a short while every time he heard a trigger
word? And what if I told you that for a bit of fun, the Great Simon hadn’t completely brought
Felix out of his hypnotic state? Still not so bad? Okay then, what if! told you that one one of the
200 audience members was Felix ‘s younger sister Tori, whom he had spent much of their
childhood bullying and treating with contempt? Now you get the picture!

It had been very confusing at first. A few days after the show, Felix was watching a movie on the
sofa and flicking popcorn at his sister, laughing obnoxiously when a buttery piece flew down the
front of her top. The next thing he knew, the credits of the movie were rolling and he felt like he’d
been sleeping. It took about ten minutes to realise he was wearing full makeup. That bitch did this
while he was napping, he thought, and he declared he was going to tell their mother.

Oh I wouldn’t do that if I were you,’ smirked Tori waving her phone. She proceded to show him a
video she had recorded of her older brother crossdresser sitting in front of the mirror applying makeup with
painstaking care, before continuing to explain exactly how deep his predicament ran, stopping
short of telling him what the trigger word was. Felix just stared at her through the thick makeup
with a mixture of scepicism and scorn.

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Felix wouldn’t be a sceptic for long, however, as after similar blackouts, he was to find himself
with new bleach-blonde hair extensions, a full body wax and painted nails. Each time Tori would
take great pleasure in sending him videos of him applying the treatments willingly. Felix was
beginning to feel like a puppet in her hands. It was to come to a head one evening when Felix
came to standing in the hallway. He was once again in full makeup, and wearing tiny denim
hotpants and a leather corset which pushed up giving the appearance of breasts. Worse still, his
hands were handcuffed behind his back.

You have to help me! ‘ he pleaded with his sister meakly, ‘please take these ofi!

How am I supposed to know where the keys are?‘ she laughed cruely. ‘You put them on. Besides,
I’m busy getting this place ready for a party. My friends will be here any minute! Since you’re
obviously notgoing out dressed like that, I figure you have two choices. Either I leaveyou like this
and my friends spend the entire evening torturing my sissy older brother…or…l say the magic
words andyou, my dear Felicia, oanjoin in the hm. It’s totally up to you…what d’ya say?‘