Crossdressing inverted fiction tg caption


Great work, Grace! Let me get a few more and you’re done,” Darren said, as he hurried around Grace, snapping
different angles with his camera. After a dozen clicks of the camera, he announced they were done. Standing up and stretching, Grace moved over to the computer Darren sat behind, eager to see today’s shoot.

Aaron had been living as Grace full time for around four months now and he had done nearly a hundred photoshoots in that time. Mostly latex and fetish shoots, but he still did the occasslonal goth street wear shoot, like he had done for Angel’s Grace so long ago. Aaron eventually lost count of the times he had thought ‘this is my last shoot’ and had finally accepted he was good at being a female model. So Aaron became Grace and everything suddenly became easier.


He no longer had to wear uncomfortable hair extensions because his hair was now naturally long. He dyed it
regularly, altering the colour to suit each shoot. Aaron had left home after an unfriendly reception from his parents about his decision to live as Grace and had moved in with Darren. Grace did a couple of shoots a month in exchange for rent and any extra were pure profit for her. Darren paid for most of her living expenses in exchange for a few favours here and there, which Grace was completely comfortable with. Free stuff was free stuff after all.

ln between shoots, Grace still kept up with Chloe. After all, Chloe was responsible for Grace’s newfound lifestyle and she never forgot that. She knew how insanely jealous Chloe was of Grace ‘5 modelling opportunities and most of their conversations centred around Grace’s photoshoots and whatever Darren had treated her to that week.

Smiling at todays efforts, Grace kissed Darren on the cheek. “What’s the next project, babe?” she asked.

Well,” Darren began, “Do you know a lot about dollification?”

D-dolllficatlon?’ Grace stuttered.

Don’t worry, I’ll explain tomorrow…