Crossdresser fiction helping a cosplayer


Glenn’s girlfriend Anna loved cosplaying, especially anime characters, but Hatsune Miko from Vocaloid

was her favourite character. In fact, she had even decided to cosplay as her at the incoming convention.There was only a problem: she wanted to go with a Megurine Luka cosplayer, but all her friends either refused or were already busy, so she resorted to ask Glenn, who answered: “Look, Anna, I could do it, but I‘m a man, it would look terrible”. Looking at her boyfriend Anna knew that he was right, he didn’t have the right body to pass as a female… But then she had an idea.

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A couple of days latei; when Glenn returned to the flat he shared with Anna, he found what looked like

a pink and black cat hairband, but with fox’s ears, and a note from his girlfriend asking him to try it on. Thinking that she was still trying to persuade him into helping her, he donned the hairband, wanting t1) show her how much he would look ridioolous, but the moment it touched his hair a bolt of pain rushed through his body, causing it to change: the pink ears on the hairband became real, while his hair lenghtened and turned into the same shade of pink, and a tail sprouted his back. Then his body became more and more feminint
leaving him- now her- as a quite curvy fox girl.

When Anna returned home she explained that she had turned Glenn into a girl so that she could cosplay as Luka and that she would return her to normal after the convention.

So here it is Glenn, wearing a variation of Luka’s clothes, composed by a tight top, very short shorts, gloves and stockings, waiting for the convention to finish, so she oar turn back into a male and stop being stared at by every guy