Crossdress tough love cd fiction


Tomoko’s whole body was shaking with nervous excitement as she walked a tray full of tea cups to the table. This
was a dream come true for her, bu she was still embarrassed by the situation and terrified that one of her classmates
might recognize her as Takuni Aizawa.

Just a few hours ago. Takumi was walking home from school when his best friend. Keiko. came running q) to him.
Thank God I found you” she said panting. “I need you to do me a really huge favor. One of the girls at work got
sick. Now, we’re seriously understaffed and this is going to be one of the busiest nights of the year. We really need

another waitress. Can yon please help?”

Keiko worked at a popular maid cafe near the school. “I’d like to help. ha I can‘t work at a maid cafe!” said Takuni.

Oh. come one.” Keiko begged. “l thought you’ d love the idea. It‘s a great opportunity for Tomoko’ to make her
public debut.‘

Shhhhhh.” said Takumi. Speaking under his breath. he continued. “l couldn’t dress as a girl in public. It’d be way
too humiliating.’


Keiko crossed her arms and glared at Takuni. “I didn’t want to resort to this. but if you don’t help. I’ll tell
everyone at school abuts those little dressq) games we used to play in middle school.”

“You promised you wouldn’t tell anyone!” blurted Takuni. Seeing he was backed into a corner. he grumbled,
“Fine. I’ll do it.”

Keiko took Takumi luck to her house. She set to work doing his makeup while giving him tips on ming
feminine. She shaved his legs and then left him alone so he could put on the uniform. It was a red maid Ottfit with
white trim, complete with pink armband and headpiece. Takuni did like wearing girly clothes, bu he was unstme
he could pass as a girl in public. He hesitantly pl! on a bra. panties and the dress before calling Keiko in.

With the addition of a strawberry-blonde. pigtailed wig and a pair of water balloom shoved into the bra. the
transformation was complete. Tomoko admired herself in the mirror, forgetting her apprehension for a moment.
She was surprised by how cue she looked and the clothes felt so right to her…

The (3% was crowded with students when Keiko and Tomoko got there. They both went to work. bussing tables
and taking orders. Tomoko caught on quickly and. soon enough. she was smiling and flirting with the customers
like the other waitresses. Despite her feelings of vulnerability and fear. Tomoko enjoyed it. In fact, she hadn’t had
that much fun in years.

Keiko watched Tomoko work with pride. Takumi would have never had the confidence to show Tomoko to the
world if Keiko hadn’t forced him to do this. It had taken a little tough love. bu she made Takumi take the first step
toward girlhood. With a little more pushing. she was sure she could convince Takumi to be Tomoko all the time!