An old sissy friend tg caption fiction


You look so cute, Bent”, Sophie said from her seat on he bed.
Thank you so much for coming with us today“.

Ben had agreed to come along just to spend some time wit: Sophie, who he rarely saw nowadays after she emigrated abroad. This weekend Sophie had retumed to attend the mud lolita meet with some other friends Ben suggested that he could come along too, even trough he had no idea what ‘lolita‘ even was. Sophie agreed but said he’d have to dress to fit in a bit. Ben didn’t expect something so radical.


He had arrived in the morning to get ready for die meet. Sophie had set him a chair, told him to close his eyes and gotta work.
Ben was expecting to wear something like a bed He loween to die meet, but Sophie had picked out some other finest pieces for him to wear. Lucky be two of from were a sim tar size.
After hearty an hour of being satin he chair, Ben opened his eyes and nearty fainted when he saw his reflection rn the mirror Hrs skin was flawiess Me a porcelain dot, marked oriy by two pink eyebrows, tie pump glossy lips and the long lashes and eyeliner hat framed his eyes He also say she had panted his nails a pastel pink to match he lips aid eyebrows. ”Okay
Ben, just a couple more things. i need to pop your contacts in then you car get dressed“.