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Name – Aiko Yoshihiko

Age – 20 years old

Location – Tokyo. Japan

Profession – Psychology Student

About Me

Hi! My name’s Aiko, nice to meet you! Okay here goes nothing…l’m a student living in Tokyo but I like to travel to other places too! Recently I even went to America, it was amazing and I had so much fun. My passions are comics. video games and fashion (cosplay) but more than anything…sooooooo much more than anything I like to make boys all nice and girly. They always resist at first but every time I find some way to get them under my spelL..and then they are all mine lol! l just love to doll them up in pink and purple until you can barely recognise them under the frilly dresses and stockings lput them in. My friend Nishi says I’m obsessed but she likes to join in too, especially when we go to the sissy contests downtown.

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Everybody knows me because I always bring the best. most girly boys. It’s the small detaiLs that make the difference…if you want a boy to really feel like a girl you need him
to be in the pinkest prettiest panties. Even if no-one else can see them, he will know they’re there. Heels are important too, the higher and more uncomfortable the better. No way will he feel like a boy when his painted purple toes are squeezed into a pair of six-inch heeLs. If you can’t walk like a boy, you sure can’t think like a boy. In my profile picture you can see me with my dear Colly Wolly. He came to visit me in Tokyo and even though he’s back home now, he will always be my sissy. Soooooo….who eLse wants to be my friend?