mysteria adventure-3

Notice : Release every 3 days

It”s weird that a video game would be so accurate with it”s character anatomy. Hm, I wonder if the plumbing down under is fully armed and operational? Oh, and by the way Hikaru, you”ve got boobs now. Although, you probably noticed that yourself. Those things are hard to miss.

Leena”s body has been successfully transferred to Hikaru”s body. Now in the skin of his hot Moon Elf creation, all he”s missing is “her” armor.

Talk about an out-of-body experience. Hikaru now has the body of his character, Leena, while his real body gets scanned away into the game system. Although, what”s the big deal about accidentally picking a girl model? You can just log out and make a new one. Right?

It seems that the launch day of Age of Adventurers isn”t going as smoothly as planned. The creators of AOA, Star Reach Studios, have blackout during their big launch party. This can”t be good…