mysteria adventure-16

Notice : Release every 3 days

If you want something done right, then you shouldn”t have been a lazy ass the first time. But sure, you”ll be able to log out and fix it. Hm, might want to get used to those things on your chest.

Nick takes a minute to think about the opportunity that playing as a girl in AoA provides. You can do whatever you want with that body, which something you”d never be able to try in real life

Despite the girl figure, Nick”s super excited to be in the game world! Well, everyone”s whose already inside hates it. Not being able to log out doesn”t daunt Nick though. In fact, he”s glad that it”ll mean being able to play for a few more hours.

On their long trip to the Death Boss, the group decides to make camp for the night. It”s been a few days in the game, and Hikaru is starting to get a little… curious.