mysteria adventure-11

Notice : Release every 3 days

The proverbial AoA nerd, Leon, has been keeping other important information from them. Apparently it”s not that difficult to change back into your real self in the game. The two problems with these “Origin Masks” is that they disable your player abilities, and they”re super expensive. Well, at some point soon, they”ll be able to change back to normal at least part time.

Who knows, “girls?” Maybe these armor “upgrades” will eventually cover you up more? How about you try upgrading all of your armor and see how that works?

Yuzuki has to go through the embarrassing process of teacher her brother how to walk in heels. It then occurs to her how strange it is that Cynthel, a guy, has been walking in heels just fine all along.

Yuzuki is having to teach her brother how to be a girl while Cynthel gets stuck alone with Leon.