mysteria adventure-10

Notice : Release every 3 days

Suddenly we find our heroes overwhelmed. Hikaru is cut down in his prime. With his sister crying over his lifeless corpse she- …wait, there”s no permanent death. Well that”s good!

A jet lagged party make camp for the… morning as they make their way to Capitol City. After spending over seven hours in the game, how has Hikaru and Yuzuki”s parents not woken them up yet? Neither has anyone Leon or Cynthel live with. Perhaps something is preventing them from being forcibly removed from the NVR.

Hikaru is still getting used to the whole “living as a girl” thing. If the likes of Jamie, Blake, and Eva can used to waking up with boobs, you can too, Hikaru.

Apparently the game has been automatically translating their four languages this whole time. However, the lack of a language barrier isn”t stopping “Cynthel” from saying anything about who he is. He hasn”t even told the others his name yet.