Top 5 Voice Feminization Mistakes to Avoid


Your voice is an important part of your feminine image.

Even if you rarely go out in public as a woman, there’s bound to come a time when you’ll need to open your mouth and speak to someone.

You want to be the whole pretty package, right? Having a voice that’s congruent with your image is a big part of that.

The first step towards achieving a passable feminine voice is to avoid these 5 common mistakes:

1. Speaking too deeply

No surprise here, but if your voice is too deep you’re going to be read as male.

How do you know if your voice is too deep? Your best bet is to use a frequency tuner to measure the pitch of your voice:

  • Male voices typically range from 100-150 Hz
  • Female voices typically range from 175-250 Hz

Here are a couple free frequency tuner apps you can use on your phone to start measuring your voice:

2. Speaking in falsetto

Trying to mask a deep voice by speaking in an unnaturally high voice – otherwise known as falsetto – isn’t good, either.

Speaking this way doesn’t make you sound like a woman – it makes you sound like Minnie Mouse.

While you do want to raise the pitch of your voice, you never want to go too high. Again, a frequency tuner can help you find your correct range.

3. Whispering

If you are self conscious about your voice, then you might try to compensate by speaking more softly.

However, lowering the volume of your voice doesn’t make you sound more feminine – it just makes it impossible to hear you.

4. Upswinging your sentences

Women naturally have more “melodic intonation” to their voices. In other words, they are more animated when they speak.

Some crossdressers and transgender women make the mistake of trying to imitate this by “upswinging” their voices at the end of every sentence.

“Upswinging” can make each sentence sound like a question. All this does is make you sound like a stereotypical Valley Girl – probably not the type of woman you want to emulate.

5. Pinching your voice

One of the reasons that men have deeper, richer voices than women is because they have a larger “throat space.”

If you try to compensate for your deeper voice by constricting your throat, the result will sound pinched. Think Pee Wee Herman or Kermit the Frog – again, not who you want to emulate!

Avoiding these mistakes is the first step towards achieving a passable feminine voice

It’s easy to go wrong in your attempts to feminize your voice.

The good news is that you CAN achieve a passable feminine if you use the right techniques.

I’ll be talking more about voice feminization in future posts. Before I do that, I’d love to understand how important this issue is for you.

Please take my poll below. And as always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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