Crossdress fiction the lodger


lt had been a week and. with the excephtion of using the en-suite bathrom
Bernie hadn ‘t left Sophie ‘s bedroom. “B ‘cell ‘ of pink feminine glory had become
the four walls of his world and he cast his mind back to that first day when he
had banged helplessly on the door for a saviour that never came before turning
his attention to the dress. Not only had the corset been tied so tightly that it
wouldn ‘t budge but he doubted he would have been able to do anything to the
padlock that lay just out of his grasp anyway.

Overcome by futility, he had sat in the corner and sulked in his silk panties, eventually falling asleep. He had awoke to find a sandwich and a glass of water by the door and had gobbled them down hungrily but ten minutes later his body had begun to feel heavy
again. He didn ‘t lose conciousness this time but he had been completely
powerless as Ms. Paulsen had entered the room.

Oh Brittany you ‘re awake, ‘ she had said lovingly, ‘let’s get you into some fresh
clothes, shall we?‘ And that’s what had happened, she unlocked his dress and
replaced it with an equally humiliating outfit before brushing his hair in front of
the mirror and reapplying his makeup and through his hazy conciousness,
Bernie was powerless to stop her.

This is how it had continued all week and what could he do? He had to eat! He
tried not eating the food, or not drinnla’ng the water, but each time the result
was the same and Ms. Paulsen would be in to ‘play’ with him. To Bernie’s horror
a feeling of acceptance had begun to grow inside him. On the third day she
stripped and bathed his limp body, reshaved his body hair covered him in talc
before locla’ng him in the most feminine outfit yet and on the fifth day she had
glued on realistic breastforms.

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It was the seventh day and Bernie sat trussed up in a black dress between the
pink walls that may as well have been fire and brimstone. Desperation was
beginning to grow inside him and awkwardly he pulled himself up and tottered
over to the window. It was an old house and he tried using his new acryllic
fingernails to pick away at the seal of the wooden windowframe. To his
amazement it began to come loose and in minutes he had forced the window
open. Using the dressing table to push himself up, he clumsily climbed through
and onto the porch roof below. Freedom…la’nd of. He looked over the edge,
realising he was still ten feet off the ground, ten and a half including his heels,
and hesitated. As he pondered whether he could safely jump down, a crowd of
passers-by began to form below. mostly loutish youths from the local estate.
They licked their lips at the sight of a pretty girl mincing about on the roof and
some tried to see up Bernie’s dress. Without warning Ms. Paulsen appeared at
the bedroom window.

Corne back inside Brittany, ‘ she urged sympathetically. ‘conre back inside with
me, I’ll be so much more gentle than those nasty boys.


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