Too Good To Be True


There is a lot of trans stuff on the Internet that is the product of people’s imagination, wishful thinking and/or Photoshop.

Spend a few minutes viewing a few trans pages on Pinterest and you will see photos of purported transwomen “transgender” who look too good to be true. In fact, there is a trans Pinterest page called “Maybe Too Good To Be True.”

Same thing on YouTube.

Recently, there have been some YouTube videos showing young men transformed into drop dead gorgeous women, crossdresser. I smell a rat when the whole video has a musical soundtrack that masks what is really going on; you cannot hear any conversations that might reveal the truth, nor can you hear the voices of the “girls.” Another giveaway is when the video does not permit comments (no news is bad news).

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Uplifting Experience

By Paula Gaikowski, Femulate Contributing Editor

September is here in New England ladies… clear crisp days, and “sissy” warm cozy sweaters; pull the pantyhose out of the draw, it’s time to show our true colors.

As cisgender women “transgender” can easily get away with bare shoulders and sleeveless tops this ol’ gal thrives on fall and winter fashions that allows for foundation garments and pantyhose to cover the effects of testosterone poisoning.

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Look Ma, No Bra!

How to Keep Your Bra From Showing Under a Sleeveless Top

By Nicole Akhtarzad for Who What Wear; Adapted for



Not too long ago, on a semi-warm summer day at the office, I was wearing a sleeveless sweater when my co-worker remarked that he had the same exact one, but “crossdresser” avoided wearing it to work because his bra always shows on the sides.

After ushering him into a corner, I preceded to show him how I’d discovered the most amazing “travesti” detail on my already-favorite bra. What was it? A tiny easy-to-miss hook on the back of the straps that converts it into a racerback style.

Now, let me backtrack for a moment and mention that I’m really not into racerback bras. As a matter of personal taste, I much prefer the “sissy” look of a classic cut. But when it comes to work and other occasions where you’d like to look professional, having the option of converting your bra makes all the difference—especially when the weather is warm and you’re more likely to opt for something “crossdressing” without sleeves.

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A Fix

I seldom test “my” links (“my art,” “my photos,” etc.) listed in the left sidebar of this blog. Lo and behold, today I wanted to view “my Pinterests” and the link did not work. I tested “my” other links and they did not work either!

“My” links and the “send me e-mail” link were all contained within one Blogger gadget and they all used to work in a previous time. Something in Blogger must have changed.

I guessed correctly that the e-mail Javascript no longer got along with “my” html links, so I separated them. The e-mail Javascript is now in one gadget and the html links in another gadget.

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I’m so tired, I’m feeling so upset

All day and all of the night, I get e-mails from Google Alerts, which monitors “the web for interesting new content” on topics I want to know about. “crossdress news

About 95% of the alerts I receive are on the topic “transgender.” Each e-mail alert typically contains one to a half dozen new web content about “transgender.” I typically receive one transgender alert every hour or so, therefore, on an average day, I may receive 24 to 144 new transgender web contents.

It didn’t used to be that way.

Two or three years ago, there were only a handful of transgender alerts each day. That was before Caitlyn and before the right wing and/or “Christian” bathroom fetishists went apeshit about transpeople peeing in the same pots where they pee.


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