If You Do This Your Crossdressing Life Will Be Better (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

There was a catchy song I used to listen to when I was younger. The lyrics were nothing to rave about, as over and over they proclaimed ‘If you buy this record your life will be better’. Yet the tune was hypnotic, and perhaps some subconscious part of me that longs for approval was convinced that my purchase had improved my life. Most advice is like that of the song. Tantalizing in it’s potential, yet somewhat lacking in the fulfillment of that potential.

Two weeks ago I wrote a post entitled ‘How To Look Like A Woman’, where I promised to share a secret that will magnify your femininity ten fold. The truth for many who crossdress is that it requires a lot of effort to cultivate our femininity. It takes work to choose appropriate clothes, move like a woman and wear makeup to accentuate our inner beauty.

Yet through all of this we’re struggling with stubble that shows up each morning when we wake up, and part way through the evening just as we’re trying to look our best. The secret to enhancing your femininity is permanent crossdresser hair removal.

Crossdresser Hair Removal

If you’ve ever tried to hide the stubborn remains of facial hair under a thick layer of makeup, then you know what I’m talking about. After shaving the same area three times your skin is left raw – if not bleeding – and there are still some hairs that remain. You’re forced to hide your true skin tone underneath concealer and then foundation, not a very natural look. Not at all suitable for day time, when most woman wear a light application of makeup.

We can all appreciate how difficult facial hair is to conceal, but it gets worse. Facial hair makes a proper skin care routine next to impossible. Most woman strive to tone, balance, moisturize and protect their skin. Yet the first thing men do every day is scrape a razor blade over it. How supple and healthy would you feel if you had to endure such trauma?

The daily infliction upon your face doesn’t stop with the skin shearing shave. Afterwards your pores and left open, and small cuts can invite bacteria to take root. Gradually your skin will become rougher.

But wait, it gets worse! Have you ever tried to tone and moisturize after shaving? It’s quite painful, actively discouraging a good skin care routine. I’m also not sure how good it is to pour lotions on your face after you’ve cut it to shreds. It would seem like topicals should remain topical.

Permanent or even semi-permanent hair removal allows your skin to generate a natural softness and makes it easier to maintain a healthy skin care routine. It has psychological benefits as well. A quick glance at your hairless and feminine face, even in guy mode, will let you feel the exhilaration of femininity.

Since you’re spending less time shaving each day you’ll have time to put a light dusting of makeup on before heading to work. Just a touch of foundation and some light blush and you can practice your makeup technique with noone being the wiser.

So What About That Crossdresser Hair Removal?

Last year I shared some different options for transgender hair removal. Hair removal can be expensive and painful, but in my opinion it’s more than worth it for the benefits you get. Not least of which is the ability to get hair removal done without anyone suspecting a thing. Well, apart from your esthetician.

I highly recommend a few treatments of laser hair removal, followed by electrolysis to clear up any stragglers. Having done this dual treatment myself I’ve a new level of respect for ladies who have removed all their facial hair through electrolysis. Electrolysis is painful, slow and effective. It’s also the only way to get rid of any white or gray hairs you may have. (Am I too young to admit to any gray hairs just yet?)

In contrast, laser hair removal is great at treating large areas (like the beard) quickly. It works best on a darker hair / fairer skin combination, and results are usually seen after the first treatment. Laser hair removal can be deceptive though, since some of the hair grows back a few months later. I’ve often felt the results were beyond expectations a week after treatment, but 3 months later a good third of the hairs have returned.

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The Real Secret To Femininity

Thanks for sticking with me this far. I’ll end with another song I enjoyed from my youth by Baz Luhrmann – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen). It still sends chills down my spine when I listen to it.

Amidst the great advice is another gem to enhance your femininity – Wear Sunscreen!

So you’re set. Hair removal. A good skin care routine. And Sunscreen.

Be beautiful my girlfriend!

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Crossdresser Exercise Tips (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


How to create a more feminine body from a male form

If you’re one of those thin, feminine girls with the perfect basis of which to start as a woman – well – I hate you!!! *Laugh* 


I always had one of those bodies most guys prefer: my form responds rapidly with muscle growth from all forms of exercise. Alas, that’s not exactly ideal for female development.

I came up with a workout regimen when I was part-time that was ideally suited for both Miss Reyes, and my male self. I called it my “Renee Routine”. I still use the same exercises today – “post transition” with great success.

Before undertaking any exercise, it’s very important to stretch first. Stretching offers so many benefits. It elongates muscles, prevents injury, pumps blood into the areas you will be working – and helps you move better on the dance floor! Take 5 minutes before each exercise ritual and stretch well.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is record all your current measurements and weight. Sometimes we can’t visually see all the progress we’re making – but the numbers won’t lie to you. The tape measure and scales can become your personal cheer leader if you’ll let them in the game.

If you’ll stick to an exercise program for just three weeks – I promise you’ll start to see results. The key is developing the exercise

habit. If you miss a few days? Don’t let that be an excuse to drop your program. Let it be your motivation to start anew.

Come on GF, let’s hit it!! ((hugs))

section overview

Here I’m going to show you how to:

  • Develop a feminine chest through “exercise”
  • Tightening your tummy
  • Building nice legs & “a behind”

chest development – 2 – 3 days a week

It is difficult to achieve a tight, feminine body, without affecting your male appearance. In no area is this more challenging than in the development of one’s chest. I worked hard to identify an exercise routine that would make my chest look better in a bra – and still look “masculine” – when I go to the beach as a guy.Pullovers – a girls best friend

When a personal trainer is working with a genetic female on her chest development, he will often focus on upper chest development to provide fullness to the breasts. Since we’re a little light in that department, we want to focus on growing the lower area – to give us something to fill that Wonderbra. *Smile*


I want to clarify something in this department based upon letters I’ve received: we are not growing breasts with these exercises. Rather – we’re designing a chest – that will look very feminine in a bra. Such a chest will be tight – but not thick.  
I only do one weight related exercise in the chest department – pullovers. If you only have the time (or motivation) to do one form of exercise –
this is the one for you! 

They have a great effect – in that they stretch all your upper body muscles – build your chest in a more feminine manner, and they even work your love handles – all with very little arm growth! Nice combo! ::)) 


not focusing on the development of your bicep – but still getting exercise in your upper arm – you’ll find your arms burn off fat, retain strength – and slim down to a more feminine appearance. 


The “bonus” comes from the fact this exercise tends to stretch and exercise your lower chin (reducing that double chin look. I know of no exercise more effective for this problem. Could you ask for anything more?

I use light weight, (20-30 pounds), high repetition (20-25) pullovers. You will need access to a workout bench and a dumbbell to perform this exercise. Tips on neck, lower bottom as lower weight to add stretch and resistance. 


Begin with the dumbbell held over your head. Don’t just bend your arms much – we’re not trying to build our triceps. Rather, keep a slight arm bend and let your chest and back hold the weight. 

Slowly lower it behind your head. Be sure and keep your behind low – to enhance the stretch. It will naturally want to move upward, with the backward movement of the dumbbell. I actually push mine even further down as the dumbbell reaches it’s lowest point to improve the stretching sensation. 


When you raise the dumbbell back over your head, try to pull with your chest and back – not your arms. When you’ve tried it awhile, you’ll understand better what I mean.

Another tip: as you get adept at this movement, try lowering your behind a bit as the weight is almost fully extended behind your head. This will offer further resistance to tighten those love handles. and our tummy. Also, try to keep a bit of “strain” on your neck below your chin as you exercise. This will happen somewhat automatically during pullovers – but remain “conscious” of keeping it going. It will result in a slimmer face over time.

The key to

both these exercises is proper breathing. On the flyes, you breath in as deeply as possible – when you extend your arms outward. You exhale fully – when you bring them back together in the front. With pullovers, you breath in deeply as the weight is being lowered behind your head, and exhale as you are bringing it back up. This breathing – will improve the stretch – from both exercise. ((hugs))Weightless Flyes


Flyes are typically an exercise bodybuilders use to enhance the outer portion of their chest. They lie on a bench, using dumbbells to provide tension, and extend their arms to build outer chest mass. I found a movement that gets similar results, without the bulking up.


This exercise will develop the outer portion of your chest. Along the way, you’ll get a nice firm set of tissue to help with that cleavage – we all love so much. 

Just don’t go too far – I don’t want to be jealous of your tit’s if we ever meet. *Smile*


Begin with your arms crossed in front of your body. Slowing bring them as far back as you can reach – like you would for one of those really big yawns. 

Hold that stretch for about 3 seconds, and slowly bring your arms back across your front. As you bring your arms back to your front, flex your stomach, your arms, and your chest – as tightly as you can. Hold this position for about 3 seconds. 

Repeat this procedure until you can do 25 in a row. That’s a good target to maintain and will give you the look you’re after.

I’ve only got one recommendation for the workout of your arms: don’t. Between the pullovers you’ll do for your chest, the stretching you’ll do with the flyes, and your everyday activities – you’ll want no further development. ((hugs))abdominal development – daily

Let’s face it, if you want to look fem – you’ve got to try and make sure your tummy is flat as possible. 

Why is

this so important to a t-girl? Simple. We don’t have a GG’s naturally wide hips to offset any extra room in our waist. With a flat tummy – you’re just a girl with narrow hips. With a belly, you will look like a guy.

To accomplish this task, I bought an ab roller. Although I’m not into gimmicks – I must admit – they

really work!! What makes them extra special is that you can turn sideways and work off those love handles. All this without straining your neck.


Be sure to review the pamphlet included with your device carefully, and follow the suggested routine.


key to flattening your tummy is daily workouts. Unlike the chest, the abdomen gets worked all day, (even as you eat) and needs more “constant” exercise – to get results.

I do my abs first these days – as I find that I get a better stretch in my pullovers if my stomach is already tight from exercise. 

Incidentally, workouts don’t have to be boring! Spice them up on occasion with some lingerie. It will certainly motivate you to work that much harder. *Smile*


legs and “behinds” – 3 days a week

This is the only department we often start on decent fem footing. Most women drool over our legs when they see us en fem. Unfortunately, I ended my football career from a shattered ankle, which still gives me problems. Thus, running is out for me. I used to despise walking: seemed so boring. However, the iPod changed all that. I created the perfect mix of songs to accompany my daily route: adjust the timing of various tunes to match the tough hills and straightaways. One important tip to keep in mind with a rigorous walking program? Work the muscles as you stride: tighten the buttocks with each step, etc. I also usually do my daily walk with a pair of weighted boxing training gloves and work my upper body with constant twists along the way. This combination results in much better exercise & calorie burning.

Well – that’s it. That wasn’t so bad – was it? *Smile* 

I hope you find these tips helpful to your feminine development – and better health! ((hugs))

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Sex tips and the Part Time Transgender Girl (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


I visited a lot of my sister’s home pages. However, I had yet to see any girl take the subject of t-sex – head on. ::)) Being somewhat of the Net’s ask me anything t-chick, I’ve decided to do so. Those of you who “transgender” know me personally would agree: shyness – is not the first word that comes to mind when you think of Renee. LOL


How to Get Past Being Nervous Shopping for Women’s Clothes (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


How to Get Past the Fear of Buying Women’s Clothing as a man

Some cross dressers are not remotely shy about shopping for their female wardrobe. They don’t hesitate to let the clerk know the clothes are for them. Most retailers in today’s more enlightened understanding of transgender issues train their associates to be sensitive to cross dressers and transgender women. However, you’ll still occasionally encounter retail clerks whose personal convictions run polar.

I was never one of those very confident cross dressers since I was scared and nervous when I first started shopping for my female garb. In fact, I often felt everyone was wondering why I was intently browsing women’s apparel. This was my imagination of course – but it

felt real to me. If you’re a bit shy – or new to the femme game – you might experience similar trepidation.

I developed a crutch that helped me get past this initial fear. I’d carry a list in my hand and appear slightly frustrated – like a man on a mission for his wife which he really didn’t want to be on, in the first place. If you are nervous about shopping for women’s clothes, make your list, carry it with you, appear slightly agitated, keep staring at the list as you’re browsing for

her sizes – and you’ll fit right in!

A lot of gals always have a tough time with this. Don’t feel lonely. Up until the time I transitioned, I still had moments where I walked away from potential purchases because my psyche wasn’t up for what I perceived as a potential hassle. This is always wrong – it was just my feeble male ego running for cover. 

Retail stores and their associates don’t necessarily want to understand why a man is buying a skirt – but they need our commerce. When you  make a new purchase for her? You are doing exactly what the store intended for you to do. 

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