Adventures In Crossdressing The Detroit TG Invasion V 2016

Our friend Samantha Rogers, hosts quarterly 3 day TG/CD Event up in Detroit called The Detroit TG Invasion. This event is so much fun, and highly recommended if you are ANYWHERE in the U.S it is WORTH the trip. Here Samantha lets us know how her January Invasion went down and to tell you MORE info on the NEXT BIG EVENT….

 The Detroit TG Invasion V January 2016 

OMG…where to begin? We just wrapped up Detroit TG Invasion Mk. V and my ditsy brain is still spinning! This was the anniversary of our first “accidental” event, and oh, my, how things have grown. Looking back over the last five gatherings is almost as dizzying as looking ahead to the next few months.

The January event kicked off on a Thursday night, and always, it was a smaller, select group to start. A lot of girls work and not everyone can take time off to arrive for the first night. But the awesome benefit is that the girls who ARE there actually have the time to chat in a quiet setting and get to know one another. Best friend Margot sailed in from the Chicago area along with dear Algoma from Milwaukee. Several locals were there, including some making their first appearance at an Invasion. And we were very pleasantly surprised to welcome newcomer Jamie, a stunning brunette from Nashville who came for the whole weekend and had a blast.

Invasion events always center around our “command center” at The Adams Apple Bar, and every night begins at the Apple with happy hour. On the first Thursday a little more than a dozen of us set off from the bad for dinner , leaving a few more behind to hold the fort. We ventured down the road to Big Fish, an absolutely super seafood establishment that is part of the fabulous Michigan chain opened by the late Chuck Muir. All the “Muir” restaurants are great and Big Fish did not let us down. The staff were all great and the food scrumptious. After dinner, we were scheduled to head out dancing but the meal proved enough for most of the girls so instead we made our way back to the Apple and finished the night in slightly inebriated conversation, closing the place down and having to be chased out by the staff.

Friday starts out slowly (as girls are still recovering from Thursday…lol) but is always exciting as girls from all over steadily arrive all day. That afternoon a few of us went searching for some good photo op sites amongst the ruins of old Detroit, and had a lot of fun. We will be doing more of that at future events. Other girls went shopping, out to eat, or just used the afternoon to charge up for the coming evening.
And come it did. 
Allie from Cleveland…Kavi from Columbus… Tasha from West Virginia…Nikki from New York…. crazy, wild beautiful Annie from Atlanta……many more….some out for the very first time…one by one the hotel filled in, girls dolled up, and by happy hour the Apple was jamming and as nearly 100 girls talked, danced and drank, enjoying the amazing $2.50 drinks owner Jaye serves up (watch out girls…they pour them “Detroit” style and they can surprise you very quickly).

Jaye Marie is a wonderful host and a great friend to every girl that enters her bar. I am always so humbled by her friendship, but then she treats everyone like that. Her establishment is truly a warm, happy haven for all girls and we are truly blessed to have her here in the D.

Around 8 PM, our ride arrived, piloted as always by our good friend Sal, from Dream Limousines. Sal is a treat and the girls all love him. Our party bus was shined up and spiffy clean and replete with awesome tunes and lovely liquid libations for the ride. And what a ride it was. Amazing how wild girls can become when you give them alcohol, loud music, close quarters, flashing lights and a stripper pole. Lol. Yes, the bus was rocking.

But, nonetheless, in Sal’s capable hands we made our way safely to the MGM Grand in downtown Detroit where, as always, we departed the bus and snapped a few group pics before going inside. Detroit weather proved a friend as the temperature was warm for Detroit in January and the sky clear. Thanks to whomever put in that order, as the weather was perfect.

Pictures all safely snapped it was time for the promenade entrance. This is one of my personal favorite moments during each Invasion. Patrons at most casinos are used to seeing a lot of unusual things but most have never seen anything like the sight of nearly 50 tall, stunning girls dressed to the nines making a grand entrance. It is hard to miss, and play essentially stop as mouths drop open and hearts miss a beat. For my money this moment is worth the entire trip.

The group troupes through the throngs and winds its way into the heart of the place where the Axis Lounge is waiting with dance floor and live band. The bands at the Axis are rotated around but one thing they all have in common is that every one of them has thoroughly loved the night they played to us. Invasion girls pretty much all love to dance and the Axis dance floor is quickly over run with happy sexy girls shaking their stuff. The other patrons love us as well and many new friendships are forged.

This event, I had a special treat as my hairdresser, Lindsey, along with several gals from her shop, joined us for the night and had a totally crazy good time. I’m not sure who had more fun…Lindsey and her girls on meeting us, or our girls on meeting them. It was just awesome all the way around.

The Axis lounge is cool, but we have been there several times before so this night we kicked things up a notch, and about ten we all trouped over the the MGM disco, the V Nightclub, where management provided us with a series of banquets and tables in prime position to enjoy the evening in style. Celebrity djs were on hand broadcasting the sounds live that night, and we danced the night away. I am pretty sure everyone was ready when midnight came and it was time to board the bus and head back to the Apple.

If I thought the ride over was wild, the ride back…well, lol… we redefined “wild” that night, before deplaning at the Apple for a little unwinding before heading off to bed.

Usually on the Saturday of an Invasion we gather somewhere in town for group pics in front of a familiar Detroit landmark. But January weather being possibly dicey in the D at least as far as standing outside, this time we planned a quiet day back at the hotel. Girlfriends Heather Ave and her lovely wife Donya so generously provided their suite, and Anna from Premier Jewelry turned up with a stunning selection of bling certain to turn any girls head. Donya made some positively to die for snacks and all afternoon girls dropped in, shopped the jewelry, enjoyed the treats and sat and chatted. It was very relaxing.

Meanwhile, our official Invasion Mary Kay rep, Rachel, was set up in another room giving consultations and free makeovers. Yes, that’s right…I said FREE. And Rachel is no slouch but an awesome artist. Given that I was planning to debut that night in a new blond wig and needed advice on colors I availed myself of her services and was soooo happy I did. Not only is Rachel a super talented artist, she is also soooo much fun. Her bubbly smile will keep you smiling and laughing the entire time.

But eventually the evening rolled around and all the girls made their way back to the Apple. And around 8, Sal arrived once more and off into the night we went…40 some girls dressed to thrill on a mission the grab that night and shake it till it screamed in ecstasy. We deplaned in fabulous Ferndale, which is home to several bars and nightclubs. The area is totally mainstream but exceptionally diverse and the most LGBT friendly, mainstream spot in the entire metro area. For the next few hours we barhopped from one establishment to another. Sometimes en masse but at other times breaking into smaller groups. Soho Bar, The Imperial, Orchid Nightclub…more…all felt our heat that night and the town was rocking from Invasion V.

One treasure we enjoy in the D is a nightclub known as Gigis. Though I love mainstream clubs, Gigis holds a special place in my heart. Yes, its a bit of a dive, but the music is good, the staff awesome, the drinks cheap and strong and…its OUR dive. On most any Saturday night, Gigis will see 30-40 girls on the dance floor, and it has been doing that for more than 30 years. The stories those walls could tell lol ( don’t listen…some of those stories might be about me giggle), So it would just not be right to allow a girl to visit from out of town and not experience the legendary Gigis. Every final Saturday we arrive there around midnight (like all the best clubs Gigis doesn’t really cook until late anyway) and rock the joint till closing. This event was no different.

One small set back occurred at closing though. Dani (from Cleveland, suddenly realized as the lights wee coming up that her cell was missing. I don’t know about you, but my entire WORLD is on my cell, so I soooo understand the panic and horror of losing it. Dani was distraught and totally miserable. A quick search provided no clues and in super sad spirits those who knew what was happening slipped out headed back to the hotel. But here is the kicker. The parking lot at Gigis is monitored and guarded by a staff led by my good friend Jamal. They are so protective and look out for all the girls like mother hens, Jamal in particular. I usually leave my key with Jamal and when closing comes he has my car running and warm and waiting for me.

As we arrived back at the hotel, I got a call from Jamal. He had gone back through the entire club, looking under every seat and table and essentially turning the club inside out. Now remember, this same dear man is outside all night, on his feet, dealing often with drunks, in the Michigan cold. And yet he went way out of his way to search because he understood…and he cared. He called me and I turned the car around and headed back. When we knocked on Dani’s door and handed her her cell she broke down totally. So did I. How could you not.

But that’s the kind of people we have in the D. Its a family here and we watch over each other. Its a dirty run down old town to be sure, but its a grand place. The D has a lot of heart, baby, make no mistake.

Saturday night broke down into quiet room by room afterglows. I don’t want to know what may have been going on in some of those rooms lol. But in my room a small group of close friends gathered for quite time. Thank God for frozen pizza and the full kitchens our hotel rooms provide.

Between food and drink and a universal desire to hang onto the night as long as possible, I doubt I saw more than an our of sleep that night before morning slowly came knocking and it was time to pack up and make our sad goodbyes.

But not so sad really. Unlike most events Invasion is quarterly. You only have to wait three months and the friends will be back. And they all come back. No one leaves Invasion any other way than glad they came and dying to return. We throw a decent party in the D. But the individual personalities of the girls that attend…that’s what puts it over the top. It is one heck of a good ride. 

The next one is in April. Based on what girls are telling me its going to be a big one. And after that…OMG…July is going to be huge. Put us on your schedule. You can thank me later. lol

For MORE Information on the Detroit Invasion Check Out The Official Website http://tgdetroit.com/

Join TG Detroit On Facebook CLICK HERE

This is a 3 Day Event That Should Be On Your Bucket List 

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