Woman at Work: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed my live blog yesterday. The extraordinary high hit count (almost 8,000 pageviews) indicates that many of you checked back to keep up with the progress of my day. I thank you for your loyalty and interest.

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On the way home from work, I stopped by the Meriden Westfield mall. This once vibrant mall has declined like so many other malls and it was depressing to be there.

Since I bought a new dress and suit at Dress Barn during lunch, I really was not looking for more clothes. Rather, I was looking to buy something to address a skin issue I have. So I went to Ulta for a solution, but all they offered was something to hide the  issue rather than correct it.

Next, I looked for help at the makeup counters in Macy’s, but I could not find a sales associate to assist me. So I high-heeled it out of there and drove home.

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When I arrived home, I tried on the suit that I bought at Dress Barn. Ever since I walked out of the store with that suit, I had buyer’s remorse. Usually, I don’t like the way I look in suits and I was not completely sold when I tried the new suit on in Dress Barn. But I was caught up in the moment and bought the suit anyway.

Trying the suit on at home confirmed my doubts and I will return it today for a refund.

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So why do I do go to work presenting as a woman on Halloween?

As I wrote last year, I love doing it, but there is a small ray of hope that someday I will be able to go to work (and go everywhere else) as a woman all the time. My Halloween fling is a test for me and my co-workers for when that wonderful day finally arrives and I think we all passed.

Source: Eloquii
Wearing Eloquii.
Contestants in a North Carolina womanless beauty pageant in 1955.
Contestants in a North Carolina womanless beauty pageant in 1955.

Purse First

Two weeks ago, I mentioned a Huffington Post article about a youngster who planned dress up as his hero, Bob the Drag Queen, for Halloween. Zoe alerted me that there is a follow-up article describing the youngster’s Halloween night out dressed as his hero. The story includes a video and both are very heart-warming.

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Catherine wrote that following the recent mention in Femulate of stockings, she wanted to alert us all to Gio Stockings in the UK. They are one of the world’s few remaining manufacturers of the full-fashioned stockings and need as much support as possible. Their website is www.giostockings.com and a sample of their offerings appear in the image below.

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Starla complained (and I concurred) that one thing bugs her about the film Tootsie. In the early scenes, before Dustin Hoffman’s character gets the inspiration to masquerade as a woman, you can see clearly that his eyebrows are already plucked and thinned to within an inch of their lives!

Starla added, “I know they film out of sequence and that Hoffman spent a lot of time in makeup and costume tests (and even real-life tests in which he interacted as Dorothy anonymously in public to see if he was believable as a woman) before filming even began, but jeez, didn’t anyone think to have them add some more masculine fake brows for those early scenes?”

Source: Reformation
Wearing Reformation.
Christian Siriano
Designer Christian Siriano femulates a mermaid for Halloween. 

Shoe Shopping

The caption above is so true! So I bought a new pair to add to my hundred-plus pairs of heels, flats and everything in between.
My new shoes are from Payless, their Haddie T-strap heel in black patent. The shoe is a throwback to styles of the late 1960s and in fact, is a dead ringer for the shoes I wore the first time I stepped out dressed as a woman. 
I had been eyeing Haddie ever since Payless introduced her a few months ago, but I held off making a purchase until it went on sale. My patience paid off and I bought Haddie for $14.99  $20 off the original price!
Source: Vensette
Wearing Vensette.
Lawrence in his girl's clothes

Have a Wild Weekend Crossdress

Source: Vaunt Magazine
Source: Vaunt Magazine

Check out Vaunt Magazine.

“Vaunt is the world’s first publication celebrating the most beautiful androgynous males from across the globe. Our daring photo shoots crush gender boundaries and offer a new vision of beauty, glamour, elegance, sensuality and fashion sensibility. From the shores of the Far East and cities of Europe to Latin America and across the USA, Vaunt shines a light on the amazing depth and breadth of androgynous male beauty that exists.”

* * *

Also check out “The One Thing You’re Doing Wrong When Tweezing Your Brows” over at Pure Wow dot Com.

The method described in this article is exactly the way I have been dealing with my brows for quite a awhile.

“It’s all about perspective.” From a few feet back, no one will notice those tiny strays you didn’t pluck! Honest ― they won’t!

* * *

Metisu is a new-to-me online merchant of womenswear (see example below in the Femulate Her slot). They have a nice selection of reasonably-priced clothing in big gurl sizes.

I have not made a purchase yet, so I have no opinion on the quality of their merchandise, but I may take a flyer soon.

Paola Baggio (Source: Vaunt Magazine)
Paola Baggio (Source: Vaunt Magazine)
Source: Metisu
Wearing Metisu.
A 21st Century Femulator (Source: Pinterest)
A 21st Century Femulator (Source: Pinterest)

* While you still can!

Fill It Up Crossdress

As I mentioned in my live blog on Halloween, I stopped at a gas station to fill up before I drove to work.

“I went to the gas station I normally go to. There were no other customers, so I pulled up to the gas pump I usually use, filled up and walked inside to pay up.

“The woman who runs the place recognized my car, so she knew who I was underneath my feminine finery, but she said I looked ‘spectacular’ and that she would date me!”

So on Saturday, I returned to the gas station for my car’s weekly fill-up and touched base with the woman who runs the place.

She said she did recognize my car when I pulled up to the pump, but she did not recognize the woman driving it! She assumed someone else was driving my car.

While I was pumping gas, I waved to her and she thought that I looked familiar, but she was clueless until went inside to pay up and asked, “Do you know who I am?”

Only then did she figure me out.

On Saturday, she again praised me for my “costume,” asked how my feet put up with heels all day long and added that I could get a job as a drag queen in Kinky Boots!

Source: Veronica Beard
Wearing Veronica Beard.
Dale Carmen
Dale Carmen femulates on stage in The Silver Cord (2013).

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