Crossdress TG story Part 1

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A crossdress TG story with bestfriend. please support and if u have any comments, feel free to write it. Favorite it if you like it. Thank You!

Anime Cosplay Event is coming up in 10 days time. My best friend and I decided to crossdress for the very 1st time since both of us had the passion to do so. Louis, my best friend, decided to go for shopping the following day however we did not know any crossdress shop as we were new to crossdressing.

I decided to do some research for some crossdress shop in Google. After about half an hour, I found a website that sells nice and beautiful crossdress items. The website was very appealing and it even mention in caps ‘’Ever wanted to feel like a female? Come and visit us now!!’’

I immediately told Louis about the shop and we were so excited about the visit the next day.
The next day, Louis and I visited the shop. The shop is so huge and it felt that everything that we needed was here.

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