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My Sissy girlfriend helping me crossdress

I play dress up with my sister a lot i love it when she puts makeup on me and treats me like a little girl i like it the best when her friends where all over and they all dressed me upEven my Sissy girlfriend encourages crossdressing! Helps you put on …

The Keystone Conference Party Samantha Rogers Adventures

Part 2, of the Keystone Conference, we have our guest blogger Samantha Rogers giving us all the details of her fun filled weekend and lets us know about her event The Detroit Invasion.

I must be crazy. I’m sure some people have no doubt. LOL

Four times a year I host large TG events here in Detroit and yet I’m crazy enough to travel to other events as well. But why wouldn’t I? I mean really.

Years ago, the pioneer trappers out west lived solitary, lonely and dangerous lives, trekking through the wilderness of North America making their way through life in the only way that gave them peace. But once or twice a year these hardy individuals would gather and celebrate having survived another year despite the odds. These gatherings were like family reunions. So it is in so many ways for those of us who are TG.

The transgender community is huge. It is a large somewhat dysfunctional family of girls spread all over the country and the world and now, thankfully, connected through the magic of the internet in ways that would have made life so much better years ago. My friend Cici once referred to the internet as our TG “main-street”, and she is right. It is where we meet and socialize and laugh together and cry together. No one truly understands what we feel and the experience of being who we are as well as does another TG sister. And that one common denominator creates a bond. For all the smiles you see in the endless parade of  pictures, there is really nothing easy about any of this, and although it is tragically and horrifyingly hard for some, and far harder for others, even those who have things the easiest still suffer. The support and friendship and love we all share for one another along this common path is amazing. It gives us hope. It makes us stronger. It makes us family. And the internet is the family kitchen where we trade stories and pictures and successes and failures. It is home in a way the real world often cannot be for us.

But cyber space, as huge a benefit as it is to us all, can never really take the place of real world face to face socializing. A cyber hug is awesome when you need one but it pales in comparison to a real hug. Emoticons are fun but nothing compares to hearing your friends laugh, seeing them smile and seeing the pain and love in their eyes. Nothing.

And so, like those crazy mountain men, we gather. We travel. We congregate in places and at events around the country where we may see our friends, hear them laugh, cry with them and relax in the security and love that only comes from family.

Recently, I was at the Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Keystone is one of the largest TG conferences in the country, along with First Event in Boston, Southern Comfort in Florida, Diva Las Vegas and Wildside out west and others like them. Each allows girls from various regions of the country the opportunity to see one another and exchange information and just plain catch up. They are such an important part of our community.

This was my second visit to Keystone and I loved it as much as the first time. Several hundred girls gathered in one magnificent hotel for a week. Of course, my liver may never recover from all the revelry, but it is soooo worth it. The chance to see all the girls from the East Coast that we never see here in the Midwest was amazing. I was able to reconnect with old friends and make many new ones. Some girls go for the seminars and classes. Some go for the chance to be dressed all week. Some go for the speeches. I don’t go for any of those reasons. I go to see my friends and meet new ones… distant members of the family I see rarely or have never seen at all before. I go for the love.

But having said that, the classes and balls and OMG getting to go swimming every morning …. simply amazing. I had the very best time possible and my thanks go out to everyone involved that makes an event like Keystone possible. I know a little about planning events though I can only imagine doing so on such a scale.

We host some modest little events here in Detroit. We call them Detroit Invasions. We hold these four times a year so we will never get to be as large as the annual events, but they are still fun or so I am told by the girls who attend. And they they come from all over. Our little clan gatherings bring in girls from Chicago, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Toronto and all over the Midwest and beyond. Atlanta, St. Louis, Dallas. And so far, not one has gone home disappointed. In fact, many become regulars, joining us again and again. I’d love to take credit but really all I do is send out the invitations and post a few announcements. Really, what makes the events successful is the presence of all the various girls who attend. All the different faces and personalities. From the quite ones to the loud and rowdy, from the brave to the shy, the sweet to the sarcastic and all the others in between…they all contribute and we all benefit. We see girls who are veteran 24/7 full timers and we get girls who are totally closeted.  We get girls who would never read to anyone as trans and we get girls who will never pass. We get loud ones, quiet ones, bright ones and silly ones, wise ones and loving ones and all kinds in between.   And at very event we have at least a few girls who are out in public for the very  first time. And they all have a great time.

Invasion is really just a big party. It lasts three nights and two days and there are no classes, no seminars, no speeches and no banquets…but there is a lot of fun and a lot of family love. We gather in some places that are LGBT friendly and we gather in totally mainstream places. We invade Casinos and restaurants and even entire neighborhoods. We travel on crazy wild party limo buses and roll into some unsuspecting nightclub spilling three score somewhat inebriated but extremely happy ladies into their world and making it a little brighter.  There are shopping trips and makeovers and jewelry parties. There are the quiet afterglows at the end of each night when small groups gather in different rooms simply unwilling to let one more precious night together end. We barhop and dine and drink and dance and laugh….. and every so often I stop and look around and see 60 to 130 girls having the time of their lives surrounded by others who accept them and love them and care about them. And it makes me smile….sometimes it makes me cry. It’s why I throw these crazy events. It is what makes it all worthwhile.

We have another one coming in a couple of weeks and its going to be another amazing party. I hope you will join us. A family reunion is best when the whole family is there. Come see us in the D.  

Samantha Rogers

Thanks for sharing, I hope you will continue to share your experiences at your events & your travels with us again soon !!

Samanthas next event is April 21, 22, 23 !! OMG..If it is too soon of a notice, be sure to attend her next one set for July. 21-23rd You can find all the information on the Detroit TG Invasion RIGHT HERE

You can also join TG Detroit on Facebook HERE

Read more articles & see more pics and videos from Samantha RIGHT HERE

Prince as a Crossdreamer, and What it Means for the Transgender Debate

We have lost Prince, AKA Prince Rogers Nelson, one of the biggest pop artists and composers in modern history, and I find myself marvelling at the fact that the world is mourning one of the most well known crossdreamers of all time. People do not seem to mind that he was one!



Prince had very limited inhibitions when it came to presenting his sexual fantasies in lyrics. This was, after all, the man who told us about his Darling Nikki that “she was a sex fiend. I met her in a hotel lobby, masturbating with a magazine”.

Nikki was partly the cause for Tipper Gore founding the Parents Music Resource Center in the US. This led to the use of “Parental Advisory” stickers on album covers in that country, assumedly protecting children from harmful content.


Adventues In Crossdressing Trevi Lounge Fairfield CT Attending Tiffany Leighs Gorgeous Party

Ok, its 2016 and I STILL have posts backed up from LAST year. In November I attended Tiffany Leigh’s Gorgeous party, Tiffany Leigh holds monthly parties at the  Trevi Lounge in Fairfield CT catering to the Transgender & Crossdressing Community…

Ways To Save on Plus Size Lingerie

As with most clothing options, lingerie is available online and in-store in plus sizes. Those wishing to shop for plus size lingerie in the past had to choose from a variety of non-fashionable styles and colors. These options made it difficult to shop for plus size women. The good news is that the clothing and […]

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How to Walk in Heels (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

How to Walk in Heels: Lessons from the Stiletto Whisperer

By | Fashion – Mon, Jul 22, 2013 6:08 PM EDT

Perhaps this model needs to take a high heel walking class with the Stiletto Whisperer?  High heels can be a quick and easy way to dress up your outfit, but Victor Chu, a former footwear designer in New York dubbed the “stiletto whisperer” claims most women are wearing them incorrectly. “Women think heels are sexy because men think they’re sexy,” he told the New York Post. “But, you see a woman wear this pained expression and shuffle. I’ve seen guys giggle at them – it’s not sexy. Bottom line is, you need to be fit to walk in heels with stability.” 

 Chu once developed comfortable shoes for Uggs and Reeboks, and teamed up with dancer CeCe Chin in 2006 to create the high-heel fitness routine, Legworks. This summer he created a series of personalized classes in New York for women to perfect their walk in their high heels. We reached out to get the inside scoop and tips on how to properly walk in high heels with minimal pain. 

 “We tell [students] to bring two pairs of heels to the class: ones you wear everyday and the ones that you want to wear,” Chu told Yahoo! Shine. The private classes start at $50, and Chu tells Shine that 60% of the class is perfecting your walk. “New York City is the capital of high heel shoes and fashion,” Chu told Yahoo! Shine. “Out of anywhere in the country, women wear heels everyday here. It’s easier for guys when they get dressed up because they just put on their dress shoes and start walking. There are essentially built in problems with heels and this is the main reason why we offer the course.” 
A recent survey released by The College of Podiatry, more than 40% of women say they suffer through the pain of wearing heels for the sake of fashion. Most women report that heels start to hurt their feet after an hour and six minutes of wear, while 20 percent say that they can feel the pain after just 10 minutes. According to researchers at the University of Portsmouth, heels can change the way the entire body moves, including the pelvis, hips, legs, knees, feet and even shoulders, to emphasize femininity. The researchers, whose study appears in the scientific journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, say men rate women wearing heels as more attractive then those wearing flat shoes.
Chu feels all types of women young and old could benefit from his classes, and that no one should be bashful about coming in. “We have a lot of overweight women who take the class, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to wear heels,” he told Shine. “It’s just a matter of adjusting the heel height and type of shoe. We don’t criticize or make anyone feel unwelcome.”

For those who can’t attend Chu’s personalized classes, the footwear expert shared five tips you can incorporate into your heel-wearing lifestyle today:
1. Make sure your heels really fit. Often we force our feet into improper shoes because we bought the wrong size or a style that isn’t comfortable or stable. “There are literally thousands of styles to choose from,” Chu advised when asked about shopping for heels. “A good fit means that it’s snug on your foot. if you have wobbling at the ankles or the fit is bad, go for more coverage around the foot like thicker straps instead of thin straps.”
2. Check your soles. Make sure that the sole of the shoe is completely flat to the floor and doesn’t tip over or wobble. “This will help to give you a lot of stability,” he said. “Avoid those shoes that have a ‘boat bottom,’ meaning it’s not completely flat to the surface of the floor.”
3. Improve your core. “It will give you tons of control when you’re walking, and that’s important for keeping your back straight and providing stability and control when walking,” said Chu.
4. Posture is everything. Remember to keep your head up high and your shoulders back.
5. Look straight ahead. When walking down the street, always be aware of what’s ahead of you at least 1/3 of the way down the block. “Look ahead, not down,” Chu said. “If you’re looking down, this means your shoes don’t fit well. There shouldn’t be anything hurting or pinching.”

Adventures In Crossdressing Attending The Femme Ball

So last month I attended the Femme Fever Gala Ball.  The Femme Fever Gala Ball is an event thrown once a year in New York, gals dress to the nines in fancy dresses, mingle, dance, and enjoy a buffet dinner. This year I decided to have a little fun…

Renee’s Real Life Story as a Crossdresser

A fascinating and revealing real life story of Renee’s crossdressing journey!

My story as a crossdresser started as I was very young!
Probably when I was in the age range of 8 to 11 years old. I am now 56 years old crossdresser!
But before I get into my crossdressing journey let me go over how I define some of the words associated with transgendered people and a few other ideas. I am not a psychiatrist or anything like …

Adventures In Crossdressing Out Party

Who am I kidding, this is all about the pictures…if you have been following the antics of me and my gal pals on here ( thanks) , we are usually up to interesting and crazy things, but to be  be honest, I havent been going to as  many transg…

Adventures In Crossdressing Partying At The Gorgeous Party

For those not already in the know, Gorgeous is one of the biggest transgender /crossdresser monthly parties thrown here on the east coast in Fairfield CT at the Trevi Lounge and should be on your bucket list if you either live or are visiting the area….

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