Crossdressing Events The Femme Gala Ball Sat

Wow has it been a year already ? It is time once again for The Femme Fever Gala Ball one of the largest gatherings of Crossdressers and Transgender Women, Significant Others, Admirers  & Friends on the east coast . Here you can meet like minde…

Where Do You Present Yourself En Femme? (Transgender / Crossdressing Poll)

Do you go out in public as a woman? If the answer is no, you’re not alone. Nearly 75% of my readers rarely or never leave the house en femme. I wish more of “my girls” had the freedom to express themselves publicly… But the truth is, there are many ways to express your femininity…. Continue Reading

How To Tuck For Crossdressers How To Tuck & Make A Gaff Tuck

Tuesdays Tuck !. There are so many different ways crossdressers tuck, everyone has their own preferred method.  Here is ANOTHER Tucking Video I found that shows how to tuck and make a  homemade gaff. Want more information on tucking ?? CLICK …

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