Review: 2 Best items for Crossdressers and Transgender Women


We’re talking of a product called enhancers, which as its name suggests, enhances your breast shape, making them firm and yet, gives a soft natural feel to them. I am a young transgender (pre-op) that wants to be a woman but not yet considering going under the knife.And one of the things I needed badly were Breasts!!! I needed breasts! I needed breast ASAP! This was a struggle as I wanted instant results that did not hurt in any way.

1.These fake breast forms are soft to touch, and a soft stroke There are many different types of prostheses, to the more life-like silicone prostheses that are generally used for everyday wear.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Yes, this is the perfect way to get some peoples to notice you once again, not as the simple male to female, but by virtue of your own self as a sexy transgender woman. What a pair of the breasts forms does for your self esteem and confidence, is something only you will be able to better articulate after using it.The most life-like of all breast forms designed to restore your natural shape and balance

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

2.Passing as a woman doesn’t just involve wearing makeup and stockings,Whether you are transgender or just having fun, this Sissy Girdle bodyshaper will help you achieve convincing femininity.


Sissy Girdle bodyshaper give you the best shaper to accentuate your finest assets and to diminish your imperfections. Dressed the Sissy Girdle bodyshaper right way, large waists can be sexy and womanly make the most of yours with these slimming for waists and legs.Definitely a must have for every crossdresser and transgender.


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