One of the Girls?

Two co-workers (one female and one male) from two of our other offices visited here this week. On an earlier visit, I noticed that the male had pierced earring holes, but was not wearing earrings. He was still not wearing earrings this week, but I noticed that the holes had not closed up for lack of use. On Wednesday, the three of us went out for lunch and invited along our location's administrative assistant, who I will identify as MJ for the purposes of this post. Back in 2012, when I went to work dressed as a woman for Halloween, my boss suggested a trick to play on MJ. Go to MJ's office and say, "I am the new receptionist and I was told that you are supposed to train me." I followed my boss' suggestion and MJ was completely fooled. She said that no one had informed her of my training, but she was ready to have at it. Before it went any further, I asked, "Don't you know who I am?" She shook her head "no," so I confessed and she was absolutely floored! She admitted that she really had no idea who I was, nor that I was a male. Anyway, at lunch on Wednesday, we were discussing the recent death of another receptionist. One thing led to another and MJ told the "new receptionist" story to our visitors. The female co-worker was intrigued, but not convinced that my "costume" could fool MJ. MJ retorted, "He is very good." When we returned to the office, I showed the female co-worker a photo of me dressed that day for work. She was speechless and duly convinced. The male co-worker with the pierced earring holes was also speechless, but in a different way. When MJ told her "new receptionist" story, he seemed a little uncomfortable and did not participate in that part of the conversation. I am not assuming anything, but that deafening silence combined with the vacant pierced earring holes makes me wonder if he is a civilian or just one of the girls. Thought for the Day If I presented 24/7 as a woman, I would be slim because my shapewear would prevent me from eating much.
source: Intermix
Wearing Nicholas dress and Suzanna Dai earrings (source: Intermix).
Cezar Ouatu
Cezar Ouatu femulates on the Romanian version of television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


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