How to Choose the Perfect Handbag (Male to Female Transformation Tips)

When presenting yourself as a woman, every detail counts. The right handbag pulls your outfit together and is the finishing touch to your feminine look.

The wrong bag, however, can spoil an otherwise perfect outfit and even call attention to body flaws. Who needs that?

Here are 6 things to consider when choosing a handbag:

1. Length

Length is an important and often overlooked detail. Your handbag accentuates the part of your body it falls next to, so keep these tips in mind:

  • To make your hips look wider, choose a bag that falls at hip level.
  • To make your waist look more shapely, choose a waist-length bag.

2. Shape

Handbags can range in shape from square and structured to soft and rounded. To provide balance, look for a bag with features that are the opposite of your body. For example:

  • If you have a straight body shape, look for a slouchy or rounded bag to create the illusion of curves.
  • If you’re on the rounded side, a more structured bag will flatter your features.

3. Size

Your handbag should compliment your overall body proportions. If you’re tall and/or stocky, a tiny bag will look out of place. If you’re small, a big that’s too big will overwhelm you. Choose a bag that’s in sync with your proportions.

4. Style

A bag that’s too casual or too formal for the rest of your outfit is a common fashion “don’t.” Study fashion magazines and blogs to learn which bags looks best with specific outfits. I also recommend the Stitch Fix boards on Pinterest for tons of bag+outfit ideas.

5. Function

While your purse should look good, it also needs to serve its purpose. There’s nothing more annoying than a tiny bag that doesn’t fit your essentials… or constantly losing things in a bag that’s too big or has too many compartments. Make sure the size and various compartments of the bag work for you.

6. Color

Color is one of the most important handbag considerations. Here are two tips to keep in mind:

  • Forget about the old rule to match your bag to your shoes. While your bag and shoes should coordinate, they don’t have to be an exact match.
  • A black or brown bag will give you the most mileage, but don’t be afraid to try something different. Red, burgundy, forest green, and dark blue are surprisingly versatile handbag colors.

Let’s talk bags!

As much as I love shoes, I might be even more obsessed with bags. That’s why my collection is constantly growing.

What about you? How many bags do YOU own?

Take my poll and tell me about your favorite bag in the comments below! Even better, share a photo of it with us!



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