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Starla sent another batch of femulating fotos she uncovered from various online school yearbooks. There were some excellent femulations in this batch, but the one that interested me the most was Steven White's Marilyn Monroe Halloween femulation at Episcopal School of Dallas (Texas) in 2003. For starters, the photo shows Steven posing next to a girl in the same Marilyn Monroe costume, but I am not sure which Marilyn is Steven and which Marilyn is the girl, so good job, Steven! Secondly, Steven's commentary on the experience is refreshing; you can read it for yourself to the right. You may view the rest of Starla's new photos on flickr by opening one of my flickr Yearbooks sets (A through Z). There you will find the newest uploads at the end/bottom of the set. (The oldest uploads appear at the beginning/top of the set.) The contents of the Yearbook A through Z sets are organized according to school name, for example, the photos from Sacred Heart High School would be in the Yearbooks S set. By the way, if you participated in your school's womanless beauty pageant or attended some other school activity en femme, I would love to post your photos along with any description you would like to provide. (No one has taken me up on this offer, so far, but I am still hopeful and very patient!) Thought for the Day “It took me many years to accept, to fully internalize that if someone can look at me and tell I’m trans, that’s not only okay—that’s beautiful, because trans is beautiful.” — Laverne Cox (source: HuffPost)
source: Venus
Wearing Venus (source: Venus)
Three gurls and four guys, circa 1960
Three gurls and four guys, circa 1960


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