So sexy beautiful legs (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Beautiful women legs are such a nice eye catcher. Well manicured, good shaped and sexy legs are one of the most essential things for a nice female attidude for me. Here are some tipps I discovered for crossdresser and transgenderCrossdress tips can highly recommend:

Cardio Training

Cardio training like jogging, running on the cross trainer but also walking push the blood circulation perfectly. Your sissy muscles are trained and it will tighten the tissue with time.


To stretch your legs regulary will help to “pull your muscles in the length” and will help your muscles to cool down after workout. Great for nice defined crossdressing legs.
Peeling and massages

Peelings will rub the dead danders away on your legs and gives you back a softly skin like a baby. After this use a good lotion and your legs will be soft like silk. Massages are great for the circulation of the tissue, toxic substances are tranported out of the cell and finally your leg skin will looking rosy and alive.

Hot-and-cold shower


Taking a good hot-and-cold shower is the good old home remedy. Of course it needs overcoming and is nasty at the crossdressing begining but it works wonders.

Model Susan Wayland shows her sexy long legsLeg make-up

The ultimate kick for nice legs are still nice panty hose isn’it? They give them a tightly and wonderful firm look. Fair shades giving the legs a harmonious look and the darker shades looking additionally so hot and sexy.

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Crossdress Underwear

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AND last but not least high heels are very important when we are talking about legs. There are the ultimate must-have to train the legs of a woman a bit. Everyone who had already walked in high heels through the city for hours can surely agree with me. And high heels are THE key to make every leg sexy.