Sexy Condole belt vest changed easily (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


The hot weather to travel, the burden of course as little as possible, use a indispensable condole belt vest when summer, can match a different fashion personality. It will be a leisure; shorts collocation, With a skirt, but also can be very sexy. Small make up eight summarizes the cool and refreshing and comfortable condole belt vest

STYLE KEY: wrap skirt black condole belt vest + black and white stripes

Simple elastic short black condole belt vest, tie-in and same material of the skirt, to the adornment of the white stripes, a movement the temperament of the wind. For tall girls so good proportion in more tall and in shape. In the summer, should also can feel very cool and refreshing.

Condole belt vest STYLE KEY: blue wave point + denim shorts

Blue chiffon vest, wear in summer is very cool and refreshing, coupled with wave point decorate, added a few minutes to beat feeling, is tie-in a Jimmy choo blue denim shorts, simple and generous, go out shopping, comfortable and fashionable.

STYLE KEY: printed yellow condole belt vest + black pants

A yellow solid color of the condole belt vest, plus a printed black trousers, wear a pair of Jimmy choo sandals of white, send out the breath of pure and fresh and cool and refreshing.

STYLE KEY: deep red condole belt vest + black pants of leg of the cone


The classic red with black, how all not wrong, the condole belt vest of red and black Jimmy choo pumps outlet, gathered at the legs, make the whole focus on the visual effect leg sleeve length.

Condole belt vest STYLE KEY: black + white waist shorts

Black condole belt vest, the design of the corners have reel off raw silk from cocoons, appear random nature, coupled with a white shorts in the waist, pulled the waist line, more long legs. Plus neutral wind big sun hat and black boots, have a kind of cowboy feeling.

Condole belt vest STYLE KEY: blue printing + jeans

The condole belt vest of blue this summer is very cool and refreshing, the adornment of the large printing and there will be a refreshing feeling. Wear comfortable, look will also infected by the cool and refreshing.

STYLE KEY: condole belt vest + pink purple blue pants

Pink purple and blue collocation, colour is very fantastic. Cutting of the condole belt vest is novel, the design of V is gotten, the deduction of irregular thy skirts, is unique.

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