MTF Transgender / Crossdressing Packing and Traveling Tips: Crossdressing on the Go


We typically pack clothes for 2-5 days, which can cover most situations and takes up about half of our carry-on bag. Mixing and matching is the most important. Crossdressing on the Go!


For Crossdresser makeup, transfer your cream foundation and other items into 2-inch diameter by ½-inch high screw top containers. For liquids, use tiny ¼-inch cylindrical screw top vials. And buy small 1-inch square containers of eye shadow colors for blush, bronzer, and highlighter (for contouring).


For crossdressing  eyes, a small four color eye shadow kit is perfect. A tube of lipstick the same color as your beard tint is invaluable. Cut any long lip liner, eyeliner, and brow pencils in half and use combination sharpener/liner caps. A small lipstick-sized tube of Vaseline works as makeup remover, skin moisturizer, and lip gloss. A small capped blush brush, combo eye shadow swab and brush, and 3-inch powder compact with mirror are the tools you need. Buy the smallest possible lipstick and mascara you can find at the drugstore.


A makeup kit fits into a zipper pouch the size of a grade school pencil pouch. And bring along a Handi-wipe in a Ziploc bag to keep your makeup off of the hotel towels; the Handi-wipe can be washed, wrung out, and dries quickly.
Also carry a small battery-operated razor. If you dab rather than slide the razor, you can trim stubble without removing foundation. When done shaving, all you will need is a light touch up of beard tint, foundation, and powder.


Buy a black canvas purse that folds flat and can carry a tablet or extra sissy clothes. 

For both male and female modes, try wearing an androgynous pair of women’s black lace up shoes to stay comfy while walking. Complete your ensemble with a black fold up umbrella.

Extra Points (More Traveling Tips)

  • Mock boots: We both love wearing boots but since we need to pack both male and female wardrobes in one carry-on bag, we can’t justify the space for boots. Instead, pack or travel in a pair of black stacked-heel shooties; also pack a pair of black knit leg warmers (circa 1980s).
  • Adjustable chain for a pendant: That same zip tie is great to make a loop of excess chain on a pendant so it hangs at the optimal “one thumb length above the neckline.” Make sure the loop of chain and zip tie are next to the clasp, so your hair over the back of your neck will cover the clasp and loop. Use nail clippers to cut the excess zip tie off. A small rubber band also works well.
  • A wig container and stand: A wig will look better and maybe last a bit longer if you take special care in packing it and storing it while traveling. Cut a sturdy poster board into quarters.  It’s helpful to have a couple large paper clips too. For traveling, put some soft compressible clothes like nylons and panties in the wig cap, to prevent the cap from creasing. Then slide the wig into a clean plastic grocery bag—better yet, wrap it in a smooth silky scarf, taking care to ensure that all the hair lays as naturally as possible. Then, roll the poster board around the wrapped wig to create a tube (the paper clips can be used to keep the poster board shaped like a tube). Pack the tube amongst your clothes to act as a cushion (away from the heels!). At your hotel room, prop the curled poster board on end and use it as a wig stand. If you wish you can use the paper clips to make a sturdier column. And if you travel en femme and wear your wig, the poster board can be laid flat in the bottom of your luggage.

What We Pack:

Black scoop neck t-shirt
Tan long-sleeve V-neck tunic top
  • One bright colored top
  • Black skirt
Black or tan patterned ankle-length pants
Black tights/leggings
Large white rayon Scarf
Tan, black, or patterned cardigan (use on plane too)
  • Nude pantyhose
Black 2” pumps or sandals
  • Black folding flats
  • Foam breast forms
  • Foam hip forms
  • One set of jewelry
  • Makeup/nail polish remover pads
  • Wig & stand (see above for care)
  • Comb or brush
  • Women’s wallet
  • Canvas travel purse/tote (with top closure to keep pickpockets out)
  • Black nylon folding grocery bag (size of a tennis racquet)
Lightweight unlined short trench coat
  • Folding umbrella



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