Men In Lingerie: Panties For Crossdresser (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

sissy When a man "travesti" decides to wear panties, he is faced with a decision. Either he purchases women's underwear and wears it, or he purchases specialty underwear that is made of the same fabric as women's underwear, but is cut to accommodate the manly parts that women lack.
One would think that men would opt for the underwear designed for men, but it would seem from the comments on these hubs where men "sissy" have mentioned what panties they like to wear, that men often prefer to wear women's lingerie. In my own experience too, men who like to wear lingerie generally elect to wear women's panties rather than special panties for men. This is a discussion of the pros and cons of men's and women's lingerie. Comments are more than welcome if you'd like to share your own favorites. The Comfort Factor
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sissy It is a simple fact that men's and women's bodies are different, and in more ways than the obvious. Not only do men and women have different equipment, they are also shaped noticeably differently. Men tend to be longer in the panty region, and women's hips make their bodies rounder. Thus panties designed "crossdresser" especially for men are generally much longer than women's panties, and have extra space in the crotch region. This would appear to be advantageous, as it provides for a more 'natural' fit, but many men seem to enjoy the more restrictive feeling that wearing women's lingerie provides. It is also worth noting that most fabrics will stretch to accommodate the male figure, rendering a special panty for the purpose obsolete. He's Got The Look travesti From what I have seen, many panties designed for men don't actually look like women's underwear when they are being worn. They tend to be cut long, and have "crossdressing" an appearance somewhere between a bloomer and a diaper. Perhaps this is a harsh comment, but the effect of creating a panty that covers the body from a man's waist to his upper thighs is not at all like the effect that wearing a womans panty, where the material tends to cling to the skin. travesti Depending on your reason for wanting to wear women's lingerie, this can be a good thing or a bad thing. Men who purely wear women's lingerie for the feel of the material may find panties designed for men to be the perfect solution. Men "crossdresser Tips" who like not only the feel of the material, but also the feel of the particular way women's panties cling to the body will probably find panties designed for men to be unsatisfying. travesti On the plus side, panties designed for men do tend to have a great deal of detail on them. Because the manufacturers understand that their clientel is in love with pretty colors, lace, and smooth silky fabrics, you will generally find that Panties for Men or Manties as they are sometimes known are more feminine in appearance than most women's underwear.  


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