Keep Cool Summer Tips for Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


Summer is a great time to step out en femme. But, let’s not forget about that summer heat that everyone has to deal with. No crossdresser is stepping out of the house in hosiery and shape gear. That can get so sweaty and uncomfortable. Have no fear though, their are plenty of summer tips and tricks for the everyday crossdresser or transgender.

Your number one priority in the summer is getting a GREAT sweat proof primer! This will guarantee you a flawless makeup finish and reduce the amount of smudging and running makeup. It will also help keep your skin soft and blemish free.


Try out we recommended Pro skin No hair Antiperspirant Skin Prep.. It’s great for easy application and works wonders for your body and makeup throughout the day. I would 100% recommend this product to any of my crossdressing or transgender friends.  Plus, you can use it under breast forms as well to reduce any hairs for an all day wear! Give it a try!


Another big sweat creator during the summer would absolutely be breast forms. If you feel uncomfortable wearing silicone breast forms during the summer like, many transgender and crossdressers do, then try out some foam breast forms. They are lightweight and easily fit into bras. This will absolutely reduce the amount of discomfort you feel this summer. Plus, these forms are significantly cheaper than your normal silicone forms. If you have never worn these forms before, you will feel no regret spending the little price tag they bring.



These little papers are a crossdressers best friend! Many people think they should just add some powder to their face when it gets a little oily or sweaty, but this could lead to a cakey and heavy makeup look if too much applied. Instead, take out one of these papers from your purse and start blotting. It will make your face feel clean and dry this summer.



It’s no surprise that every transgender woman wants a nice glow during the summer. However, working woman can find it hard to find the time to hit the beach, tanning salon, or lay out. It’s even harder for crossdressers to get that desirable glow if they are uncomfortable with the beach, going to the salon, or laying out in public. This lotion comes in many different shades for your skin preference. This products is a great time saver and will work for anyone! Try it out this summer!


Maxi Dresses and any cute summer dresses should be incorporated into any dressers wardrobe this summer! They are so easy to stay cool in. Plus, no serious tucking is necessary, which can make you feel significantly more comfortable in the heat. Go out and try on various styles until you find some that complement your body type. I personally feel that maxi dresses look good on many different body types. Stay away from tight fitting clothing and think more loose and cool. Pair with a cute sandal and call it a day. Another great thing about flowy dresses is that it hides the lack of a butt or wider hips. No need for any rear shaping gear or hip pads.


Peplum Skirts! These are great for crossdressers during the summer. Just like the dresses, this requires no rear or hip shaping gear at all! The style of these skirts will make it look like you have wider hips than you do, creating a perfect femme look. The way the skirt gets wider at the hips will create a wonderful hourglass shape that every crossdresser or transgender is searching for. It will keep you cool and definitely stylish this summer! You can find these skirts at many big clothing retailers. I would recommend looking in Macy’s for some great quality peplum skirts.

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Have a happy crossdressing summer everyone and stay cool. I hope these tips help some of you stay cool and stylish this summer!



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