How to Walk In Heels Like A Pro And Minimize The Pain (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

When Marilyn Monroe said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” we’re fairly certain she was talking about heels. But if you can’t walk in said heels? Well, that essentially  "Transgender" negates any potential conquests, whether you’re in the boardroom or the bar. Accordingly, we’ve put together the seven secrets to walking in heels the right way.
Found this cute, figured I would share it today.  sissy sissy dragqueen sissy Walk from heel to toe. The easiest way to look like an  "crossdressing" amateur in heels is to put your whole foot down at once, as if you’re wearing flats. When wearing heels, put your heel down first, followed by your toe. This will make your walk look more natural. sissy Take smaller steps. Wearing heels makes your stride shorter than normal, so you’ll have to take an increased number of small steps to go the same distance. We’re not recommending baby steps, but don’t "crossdresser" try to take your usual long strides either. crossdress Practice wearing your "Tips" heels around the house. crossdress Improve your posture.Imagine walking along an invisible line. When you want to draw a straight line, you’ll get better results if you look at your end point as you draw, rather than looking at your pencil as it moves. Similarly, when "travesti" walking in heels, you’ll walk more gracefully if you look at your goal point (maybe it’s the podium at the end of the stage), and visualize a straight line going toward your end point, rather than looking down at your heels as you walk. crossdress Lean slightly back You may find you want to walk faster than your heels will allow, and end up craning your neck forward to compensate. This ends up looking strange, so allow yourself to lean just the slightest bit back when walking in heels, as "sissy" this will counteract your inclination to lean forward. crossdress Wear your heels outdoors. sissy
Practice standing in heels.


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