How to Shop For The Right Bra Size (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)

crossdress Every woman, young and old, realizes wearing bras is a necessity. It’s proximity to your skin can ultimately lead to some discomfort when you are wearing the incorrect size, both in the bust and the straps. Imagine being in discomfort the entire day, all because you are not wearing the correct size. Perhaps you too have experience this discomfort, which is why you went online searching for bra sizing articles like the one you are reading here. For many of you, you had your bra size measured a few years back, so you thought you knew your correct size since then; however crossdressing, it is important to remember that your size will fluctuate over time so that prior sizing may not be right today. The changes become more evident when you experience weight loss or weight gain and during pregnancy, but even when you feel you are maintaining your figure it’s important to know that you may still need to update your bra size. Research from the bra industry shows that 8 out of 10 women do not know or get their bra size correct. This is surprising, since a sissy bra is one of the most intimate items in a woman’s wardrobe, and you wear one every single day. Having the incorrect bra size can lead to problems with sagging breasts, shoulder pain, and even tightness in the chest area. Thus, it is of high importance to buy the correct size bra to avoid these common bra sizing problems. This will hopefully lead to you being more comfortable and confident in your daily look.

How to Determine Your Correct Bra Size

– Take a measuring tap and measure around your chest, directly under the breast. – Determine your chest size in inches and add 4 inches to this number if it was even or 5 inches to this number if it was an odd number.
  • Example (even #): You measure 32 inches, so your band size will be 36 inches.
  • Example (odd #): You measure 31 inches, so your band size will be 36 inches.
– Take a measuring tap and measure over the fullest part of your breast all the way around your chest. – Use this measurement to determine your cup size by subtracting this number by your band size.
  • 1 inch, you’re an A cup
  • 2 inches, a B cup
  • 3 inches, a C cup
  • 4 inches, a D cup
  • 5 inches, a DD cup
  • 6 inches, a DDD cup
Example: You determined your band size to be 36 inches and your cup size measurement is 39 inches. Subtracting the cup size by the band size leaves you with 3 inches, therefore, your bra size is a 36C.

Always keep in mind that bra manufacturers will produce different sized results, even though most bras come in standard sizes. Thus, it would be best to try on several sizes, checking for fit and comfort. The best part of knowing your correct bra size is that you can shop online at discount lingerie boutiques to help save money on buying bras. Lingerie boutiques like B and H are great sites to check out to shop for bras online. In addition to these great lingerie boutiques, try browsing the bras being shared here at View all women’s bras here. Have you struggled to find the right bra size? Share your experiences and tips with other transgender women below.  


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