How to Select the Right Size Jeans (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


How Can I Find Jeans That Fit?

It's a vexing question many denim lovers have probably asked themselves at some point. Some "transgender" people don't mind spending a good amount of their time to shop around or slip in and out of the fitting room until they find a perfect pair of jeans. But unfortunately, not everyone has time for that. Many people now prefer buying jeans online, whether it's due to convenience or irresistible discount offers. One obvious downside of online jean shopping, however, is that you don't get to try them on. True, most people know what their size is, but jean sizing tends to run differently among designers. Those who normally wear a size 8 Ann Taylor may sometimes have to opt for a size 6 when buying from Banana Republic. Even within the same brand, the sizing among various styles may differ slightly. Don't let this inconsistency perplex you, though. Here is how to correctly determine your jean size, regardless of what brand or style you're buying.
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Measure Your Body for Jean Fitting

Some of you may think your waist size is all you need to know. Well, it's not that simple. There are a few other measurements you'll also need to make. Now get your measuring tape ready! Waist - Around the narrowest part of your torso, slightly above the belly button Hips - Around the widest part of your lower hips Rise - From the waist to the crotch Inseam - From the crotch to the bottom of your foot

Finding a Perfect Pair of Jeans

When purchasing jeans online, don't just choose them by their numerical size and assume they will fit perfectly like other pants you already have in your closet. First, look at the rise measurement or the length between the crotch and the "sissy" waistband. The shorter the length, the lower the jeans will sit on your waist. crossdress crossdress

Best Jeans for V-Shaped Bodies

Go with a mid rise or classic waist if you want to rock your jeans! Low-rise jeans can cause the "muffin top" effect, whereas the high-rise style may draw a bit too much attention to your large midriff. Finding jeans that fit right at the waist but not too unshapely on the hip and "travesti" thigh area can also be challenging for this body type. To emphasize your slim hips and thighs while concealing the love handles, opt for tummy-control jeans with straight or slim legs. Plus, accessorize your wardrobe with a couple pairs of tapered boyfriend jeans. These relaxed-fit jeans are nice-and-easy on the waist and hips but not too baggy in appearance overall. Any jeans that give you the leggy look and shift the focus away from the tummy are your best friends.

Best Jeans for Pear and Hourglass Figures

Curviness is a lovely aspect of femininity. A lot of women with other body shapes are secretly jealous of you. However, that doesn't mean your life is that much easier than theirs when it comes to finding perfect jeans. Curviness does come with a curse. Some jeans that have the correct waist measurement may turn out to be too small for your hips, while those that fit the hips quite nicely tend to have a huge gap at the waist, ride way down when you're seated and reveal a little more than you want to show. Fortunately, though, many designers have been creating special lines of jeans with the pear and "crossdresser" hourglass figures in mind. Curvy jeans is what they're called. In addition to having a larger waist-hip ratio than those of regular jeans, they also better contour to your natural curves! Also, try to avoid low-rise jeans with all your might; large-hipped women do need extra coverage down there. Tapered slim jeans may be a flattering option for hourglass-shaped gals with slender legs. For the pear body type with thunder thighs, however, it's better to stick to styles that create the long, steamlined look, such as bootcut and trouser jeans.

Best Jeans for Round Figures

Some say overweight women shouldn't wear jeans at all. That is downright untrue. There are certain styles of jeans that can look amazing on round figures. Classic-rise trousers and relaxed-fit jeans with straight legs are some favorable choices. They make your legs appear slimmer "crossdressing"  while not accentuating your waist and hips too much. Wide-leg jeans, although continuously going in and out of trends, should also be wardrobe essentials for full-figured women. Fitted at the hips, they won't add undesirable bulk to your behind like baggy jeans do. The billowing leg openings also provide perfect coverage to some thigh flab you might want to hide. Avoid low-rise and super tapered jeans; they will only draw bad attention!

Best Jeans for the Stick Body Type

Stick-thin TIPS women can rock pretty much any style of jeans. It's the reason why most jean models have this body type! There are a few styles, though, that tend to be more flattering on your not-so-curvy shape than the others. Low-rise skinny jeans, of course, are many slender women's number one choice. They add visual curves to your behind and hips while accentuating your slim legs. If you want to give some dimension to your straight silhouette, go with bootcut or flare-leg jeans. For those of you who are ultra thin, don't wear loose-fit or baggy boyfriend jeans. They don't make you look fuller at all but emphasize your thinness in an unflattering way. Some people might want to offer you a cheeseburger or direct you to the nearest soup kitchen if they saw you in those oversized jeans!  


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