Crossdresser Diet Tips The Holiday Guide

This time of year we all have a good solid month of office holiday parties, gatherings and family get togethers. Here are some tips & tricks to help you avoid adding on those extra pounds during this holiday season. These tips not only work during the holidays, but will help you all year long.It fit  the crossdresser and transgender.

Get On That Workout Now

We all hear of people come January 1rst wanting to get into the gym to lose all that holiday weight Honestly…that goal lasts about a week for most from what I have seen.  Get yourself on a solid exercise regiment, even if it was for 20 minutes a day early. It will having you feeling alot better, and give you more energy.  

Drink Water Early & All Day

Dont arrive hungry, and get your water in. If I head to a family dinner I have 2 bottles of water before I even walk in the door and another upon arrival, start your day off  rightwith some oatmeal, yogurt, or a bannana too also help cut out the cravings for sugars & carbs Not only is water great for your skin, it can help you in between meals.

Protein First

Go for that turkey first, the proteins in the turkey will help cut down the cravings for all the sugars and carbs that come with the holidays.

Watch The Alcohol

I am never one to turn down a drink, however be smart about the empty calories that go along with your cocktail. Avoid the extra sugars that are in most mixed drinks and use something simple like seltzer water as a mixer, they even have great new seltzer flavors that are zero calories. 2 of my favorites are Black Cherry and Lemon Lime..Plain works well too with a lemon wedge, this is a great way to cut calories all the time when it comes to having a drink.  Too much drinking though will lower your inhibitions which is ok in the bedroom, but not around your waist. And speaking of drinking..dont forget that water.

Portion Control

When you fill up your plate watch your portions. A good way to do this is to make sure the majority of your plate is veggies ( and I am not talking mashed potatoes and candy yams) ..A meal of healthy proteins and veggies is never going to kill your waistline. Go easy on the stuffing too. Another trick is to use a smaller plate.

Focus on Family & Friends 

This is what the holidays are all about anyway. Make socializing , not the sweets, carbs and junk the focus of the holiday.

Easy on The Desserts

We all love desserts, just go easy on them, find the healthiest one like fruit , and go with that first, want the goods?  Its ok to have ONE sinful treat, just watch your portion.

Walk It Off

After your holiday meals , go for a walk,  take a good 20 -40 minute walk to get some of those extra calories burned off. Then the next day, repeat step one. crossdresser

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season ctossdressing




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