Corset Maintenance for Crossdressers (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


When you buy expensive corsets, you want to be sure to take care of them. No one wants to feel like they wasted their hard earned money. Storing, cleaning, and handling your garment the right way will extend the life of the garment. So, if you want to educate yourself on how to maintain your corset read more TIPS.


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Storing Your Corsets: Right when you take your corset out of the original packaging you “transgender”  should be diligent about where you keep it. Most people think they can shove them in their panty or sock draw, but one should not do this. Nice corsets should be hung in a closet by the laces. This will ensure that your boning will not bend or get damaged. It will also keep your corset ‘ready to wear’. Most of the time when you shove corsets in a draw- the lacing gets all tangled and uneven. Storing your garments in this way will keep the lacing even and let your garment air out.


Never Use Washing or Drying Machines: Putting steel boned corsets in the washing or drying machine, is like throwing your money in the garbage. This will ruin your corsets steel boning. The “crossdressing” constant movement of the machines will cause the boning to bend or potentially rust. Plus all that banging around could cause the metal to penetrate the fabric and ruin it.


Spot Clean or Dry Cleaning: Using a warm water and some detergent for small cleaning on your corset usually does the trick with most corsets. Never scrub your corset! This could cause your fabric to bleed, or run. For people that wear “crossdress” corsets daily, sending your corsets to the dry cleaners! You will never regret taking your corsets right to the professionals. It is worth the money and keeps your corsets looking fresh and new.


Corset Liners: Many people choose to wear a thin camisole or tank top underneath their corsets to help maintain the freshness. That extra barrier will keep some sweat off the corset. You can also make your own by taking an old t-shirt and trimming below the arms to fit the length of the “sissy” corset; you end up with a tube piece of material for an easy and effective liner. Some websites actually sell corset liners that help keep corsets fresh and clean for longer.


Vodka water: This is trick I learned throughout my years of wearing corsets. 50% water, 50% vodka. Could be cheap “travesti” vodka- doesn’t matter. Giving your garment a quick mist over will help with the smell of body odor, and stains. Let your corset fully air dry before wearing or storing. This should not be used on silk corsets. Cotton/cotton-poly reacts well.

Hope these “crossdresser tips” were useful! Happy lacing friends!



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