Brianna’s Feminization Story

Brianna reveals how his feminization took roots at a young age

How his aunt played feminization games…

Here is my story of my early memories of my feminization

A lot of us lived with my grandparents in Queens right after the war.  My aunt was married to my mother’s brother.  She was a high-class southern belle, very sexy and flirty, judging from photographs.  I was the pride of the family and I think she was jealous of all the attention I was receiving, especially after her first child was born a year after me.  Among the clothes I was dressed in was a French beret.  She teased me that I looked like a girl in it. I didn’t want to wear it after that, but my father made me wear it. I don’t know if she had anything to do with that, but in later years my father claimed that she had made a play for him, and she said the same.  A little later she caught me playing with myself.  I was probably 3 years old at the time. She said she was going to tell on me.  Subsequently, my father and I took a walk to a soda store about 3 blocks from the house.  As we turned the corner onto the main road, he said to me “I understand you’ve been playing with yourself down there.” crossdressers auntRight away I thought of my aunt, and knew she had snitched on me.  “Better stop,” he said, “or you’ll turn into a girl.”  This inflamed me with sexual lust, but he probably took my reaction for embarrassment.  I told him I would stop, thereby lying to him for the first time and acquiring a secret.  I am convinced my aunt told him to say that to me, assuring him it would stop me from masturbating. I have since learned, from a cousin-in-law, that my aunt played feminization games with at least two of her sons.  Just before we left for California, I was spending the weekend at their house and she got her son to grab me from behind, and proceeded to kiss me, wearing thick red lipstick.   She spread it all over my mouth, making me look (in her words) “just like a girl.”  Then we returned to my house in Queens and suddenly my mother announced we were leaving for the airport in 5 minutes. crossdresser goes to CaliforniaWe flew to California to find my deserted father and make him pay child support.  We left practically everything behind.  All I took were a small fortune in comic books and the fetish my aunt had imprinted me with.  The comics are long gone, but the fetish has stayed with me all my life: Sex = changing into a girl. Brianna


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