Bra Tips for Small-Busted Transgender Women (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)


If you are looking for tips on how to make your molehills appear like double Mount Vesuvias, you won’t find this article very helpful. I’m not going to talk about perfect bra-stuffing tricks or promote bras that make it look like your chest is cushioned with two fat pillows. True, “bigger is better” seems to be a mainstream belief when it comes to female busts. One male-oriented website, I shall not name, even goes so far as to classify A-cup breasts as “almost boobs.” A few years ago, a good friend of mine actually went under the knife to change her cup size from A to C, and has been very happy with her new look. Beauty will always be a subjective matter. I’m not in the position to chastise men who favor women with heavier bosoms, or women who feel the urge to “measure up.” Of course, they have their right to choose and I respect that. In my opinion, though, there is absolutely nothing wrong with small breasts. To me, A-cup Gwyneth Paltrow is not any less attractive than DD-cup Jennifer Love Hewitt. They’re both fabulous, really. I wear 34A myself and never feel underprivileged in any way. There’s no reason to resent Mother Nature for granting us plums instead of melons. This article, my modest-busted fellows, is about A-cup pride.

Finding the Right Bra



Bra Fitting Guide


First of all, whether your breasts are big or small, “crossdressing tips” you will need to know your correct bra size in order to buy bras that fit perfectly. Jene Luciani shares this bra fitting method in her masterpiece, The Bra Book.

  • First, use a measuring tape to measure around your ribcage, right below your bust. If it turns out to be an odd number, round it up to an even number, because bra sizes are all even numbers. For a measurement of 32 or below, add 4 inches. For a measurement of 34 or above, add 2 inches. (Most small-breasted women will likely need to add 4.) This is your band size.


  • Then wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest. Subtract your band size from this number. Use the chart on the right to identify your cup size, using the difference in inches between your band size and full bust size. For example, if your bust size is 33, and your band size is 32, your cup size should be an A.

Bra Problems and Solutions for Small-Busted Women


Unlike women with large assets, we usually don’t have to worry about certain bra problems, such as too much cleavage, excessive flesh “sissy” bulging around the bra’s cups, or underwires that cut into the underside of the breasts. That doesn’t mean small-chested women have it easier when it comes to bra shopping and wearing, though. There are several types of bra faux pas that can occur to the A-cup population. Here are the most typical problems.

Adult Bras that Fit Perfectly are So Hard to Find


In the past few decades, the general population have gotten more overweight; D cups have become the norm; and K-cups are even available nowadays. So let’s face it, small-busted women are now minorities. It’s getting harder and harder to find adult bras for our petite size. The ones that fit snuggly tend to look like little girls’ training bras, whereas the ones with more mature designs don’t usually fit quite right. Some department-store sale assistants even suggest that women with not much on top should shop for bras in the junior section. That might sound like a practical solution, but those “transgender” saleswomen probably have no idea how frustrating that is for 40-something women to buy bras with silly designs, not really meant for grown ups! If this sounds familiar to you, consider buying bras from specialized lingerie stores for small-breasted women. Above is a list of some of the best brands. These brands cater to even extremely tiny sizes like AAA. You’ll find a variety of styles that reflect your age and fit perfectly on your body, as these bras are built with smaller between-the-cup spacers and more shallow cups, designed to contour to petite busts.

Your Sports Bra Turns Your Small Breasts into One Flat Board


Some call this appearance a “uniboob.” The truth is most sports bras are “travesti” compression bras, which are specifically designed to press breast tissue against the body and minimize the “bounce” during exercise. If you often play vigorous sports or engage in physical activity that involves a lot of movement, yet can’t stand the uniboob look, try switching to an encapsulation bra instead. This style of sports bra comes with two separate cups, so while still compressing your breast tissue like a sports bra should, it at least doesn’t turn your breasts into one unified mass or flatten them too much.

Your Strapless Bra Won’t Stay Up


Don’t you hate it when your strapless “sissy” bra heads down south? This tends to happen to small-busted women more often than those with fuller bosoms. There are 3 solutions to this bra blunder. First, consider wearing a bra with a smaller band size. This might be quite uncomfortable but it will surely fix the slipping issue. Second option: apply clothing double-sided tape around the band of your bra; this might sound like a cheap trick but it can really strengthen your bra’s adhesive power. And third, you might want to invest on a backless, strapless bra (aka adhesive bra) that’s held up by medical-grade adhesive. These high-tech bras can also help you overcome other kinds of fashion challenges, including backless dresses, “crossdress” low-back tops or gowns with a sheer midriff area.

You Have a Hard Time Finding a Perfect Cleavage Enhancer


Push-up bras are famous as cleavage enhancers, but most of them are not designed with small-busted women in mind. Some push-up bras with thickly padded cups can make your fullness look obviously artificial. Plus, most of them tend to unflatteringly stand away from the chest, leaving big gaps in the cups rather than contouring to your petite form. My best advice to you: Tips” stop looking for push-up bras! The best cleavage enhancers for small-breasted gals are actually simple demi-cup bras with no padding. Demis cover the lower three quarters of the chest and have tilted cups that push the breasts toward the center. In other words, they slightly squeeze the breasts in together instead of pushing them up with the help of pads. This way, there are no annoying gaps in the cups, and your breasts also look more natural.

Good Things about Having Small Breasts


  • No breast-induced back pain.
  • No extreme sagging as you age.
  • No excessive bounciness during vigorous exercise, even without a sports bra.
  • No embarrassing under-boob sweat.
  • Much lower chances of a “breast popping out” accident.
  • You can comfortably lie on your belly.
  • If you like wearing low-cut tops, it’s easier for you to get away from being stereotyped as a “skank” by some narrow-minded people. Heavy-bosomed gals are usually not that lucky.
  • Going braless is a practical option.
  • Men might be less distracted when you speak to them and actually listen to you!



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