5 Ways To Feminize Your Face With Makeup (Male to Female Transgender / Crossdressing Tips)



Pay Attention To Your Brows


Your eyebrows can really pull together a feminine look, if they are well groomed and maintained. Nothing wrong with “crossdressing” using an eyebrow stencil to help give you the perfect shape, if you would like more info on eyebrow stencils CLICK HERE .  Another great trick is to highlight your brow bone, you can learn to do that HERE. 

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Show Off Your Lashes


Lashes can really make your eyes POP, and bring your whole look together. False lashes are a great way to REALLY feminize your look.  To see a step by step infographic on how to apply false lashes TIPS CLICK HERE.  For an instructional video CLICK HERE. For how to apply mascara like a pro check THIS VIDEO OUT.  To learn how to curl your lashes CLICK HERE. 

Contour Your Face  


Kim Kardashian started the craze, but contouring REALLY makes you look ultra femme.  For a basic breakdown of the science behind contouring check out this video HERE.  For tips and tricks on how to contour your nose CLICK HERE .

Get Cheeky


Don’t forget those cheeks ! A feminine faces has larger, full cheeks. For “How To Apply Blush” tutorial with “crossdresser” pictures CLICK HERE .  To learn how to pick the right blush for your skin tone CHECK THIS OUT . Oops made a mistake ? Learn how to fix it if you mess up RIGHT HERE

Plump Plump Plump Plump It UP !


Bold lips will do the trick every time, best way I have found is to line your “travesti” lips slightly past your normal lip line with a lip pencil of a similar but darker shade, then fill in.  For all sorts of tips and tricks on how to make your lips look bigger, to what shade works for you, how to get lipstick off your teeth etc..check out this “sissy” section HERE


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