Skin color elastic top strong girdle – molded hip and butt pads 1018

Padded panties

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Having been compared to a pancake and even called “bony butt,” this booty obsession isn’t one that’s easy for me to embrace. I’ve always avoided tight-fitting clothes, and haven’t worn form-fitting jeans in years because they just aren’t flattering on me.

My options? Surgery or… padded underwear.

Obviously, I wasn’t going to get surgery. And padded underwear just seemed weird.


Skin color elastic top strong girdle – molded hip and butt pads 1018 provide the wearer with an instant fix and are available in a variety of styles and sizes to appease a wide range of women’s needs and wants.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

I was surprised to see how cute they actually were—from the front, anyway. Padded panties –Nude floral black underwear hip pads T0240B are available to fit Transgender women of all sizes, with many styles offering a range from XS to 5XL. Most padded panty options are also available in at least nude or black color options, with some of them offering bolder choices, like hot pink or royal blue, allowing the wearer to show off her style.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

I decided to debut my new booty that day. At first, I was self-conscious—I tried to hide my butt because I was afraid it would be obvious I was wearing padded underwear. When I had to get up to turn in a paper at the beginning of class, a million thoughts ran through my head. Was my look too bootylicious? I was worried that people would stare or judge me.

crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti

Nothing happened. There was no whispering, no catcalls, and I definitely didn’t break the Internet. Okay, I thought to myself. This is good! This reminded me that I am probably (no, definitely) more critical of my body image than others are.


Wearers rave about the natural look that their padded underwear provides, and some even say their dates felt the butt lifting panties without even realizing they weren’t feeling the real deal. that the padded panties are comfortable enough for daily use.





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