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Two weeks ago, I mentioned a Huffington Post article about a youngster who planned dress up "crossdrtesser" as his hero, Bob the Drag Queen, for Halloween. Zoe alerted me that there is a follow-up article describing the youngster's Halloween night "transgender" out dressed as his hero. The story includes a video and both are very heart-warming. ∞ ∞  Catherine wrote that following the recent mention in femme of stockings, she wanted to "News" alert us all to Gio Stockings in the UK. They are one of the world's few remaining manufacturers of the full-fashioned stockings and need as much "crossdresser" support as possible. Their website is gios and a sample of their offerings appear in the image below.
∞ ∞ 
 Av4 Cherry popper
NewsStarla complained (and I concurred) that one thing bugs her about the film Tootsie. In the early scenes, before Dustin Hoffman's character gets the inspiration to "travesti" masquerade as a woman, you can see clearly that his eyebrows are already plucked and thinned to within an inch of their lives! Starla added, "I know they film out of sequence and that Hoffman spent a lot of time in makeup and costume "sissy" tests (and even real-life tests in which he interacted as Dorothy anonymously in public to see if he was believable as a woman) before filming even began, but jeez, didn't anyone think to have them add some more masculine fake brows for those early scenes?"
Designer Christian Siriano femulates a mermaid for Halloween.


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