Help the trans community overcome Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey!

Help the Gulf Coast trans community affected by Hurricane/Tropical Storm Harvey:

  • Many members of the Gulf Coast trans, intersex, and genderqueer community have lost every little thing.
  • Trans, intersex, and genderqueer individuals can experience extreme problems in normal disaster situations.
  • The TransAdvocate’s parent organization, the Transgender first step toward The united states features organized a residential district tragedy relief investment.
  • The investment will help Gulf Coast trans, intersex, and genderqueer survivors cure this tragedy.

The Tx Gulf Coast trans community is facing a catastrophic and continuous all-natural tragedy caused by Hurricane Harvey which made landfall as a group 4 hurricane, getting a massive and slow-moving tropical violent storm leading to historic-levels of floods. Many members of the trans community tend to be displaced and now have lost every little thing.

The Transgender first step toward The united states developed this catastrophe relief fund because trans, intersex, and genderqueer folks have typically experienced significant problems in normal catastrophe circumstances. Worse, current attacks by lawmakers have actually triggered heightened hostility against regional trans men and women. This investment are going to be familiar with assist our historically underserved community recover from this catastrophic occasion. If required, the investment will even benefit burial charges for neighborhood people who’ve lost their particular life within historical disaster.

Early Responders: THANK YOU!

you want to thank both State of Texas and City of Houston chapters for the nationwide Organization for ladies supplying the first investment to ascertain the Trans Disaster Relief Fund!

Fundraising for the Trans Disaster Relief Fund is organized through the Houston Transgender Unity Committee.

About the Transgender first step toward America

Organized in 1998, the Transgender Foundation of America (TFA) is a Houston-based grassroots nonprofit business that received its 501c3 nonprofit standing (EIN: 76-0670632) in 2001. TFA ended up being brought into existence through perseverance and assistance of its mother or father company, the Gulf Coast Transgender Community (GCTC), which traces its roots back to 1965. In addition to TFA, GCTC had been instrumental in arranging pioneering businesses such as the Texas Association for Transsexual Support and historical occasions including the Global Conference on Transgender Law and Employment plan. GCTC’s nature lives on in TFA mission of improving the well being for transgender people.

TFA facilitates many trans support groups and community events like the Unity Banquet, now with its 25th 12 months. Furthermore, it maintains the Transgender Archive and annual scholarships to trans-supportive academics, represents trans health issues with health divisions over the country, trains organizations, organizations, and schools for the nation and pioneered trans homeless, social, and medical solutions.

About the TransAdvocate

Founded in 2002 the TransAdvocate may be the leading resource of initial investigative news and nuanced commentary from a boots-on-the-ground trans advocate perspective. The TransAdvocate is out there to offer a voice to trans supporters in a unique news environment. Exactly what sets the TransAdvocate apart is its dedication to posting contextual pieces in relation to initial investigative work. Particularly, the TransAdvocate centers on watchdogging media tropes and misinformation that gains personal money. We’re ready to do what it takes to expose hate, especially when hate will be peddled as reason, trust, or journalism.

TransAdvocate is a part of Houston Transgender Unity Committee (HTUC) as well as its archival materials tend to be preserved by the Houston Transgender Archive. The TransAdvocate facilitates:

  • The Conversations venture (TCP), a historic task that seeks to carry focus on a decades-old intersectional trans, intersex, and genderqueer inclusive radical feminist tradition. TCP publishes an journal and is serialized within Feminist instances.
  • TransAdvocate Brazil (TAB), a Brazil-focused Portuguese-languaged collective of trans and intersex activists reporting on dilemmas affecting Brazilian trans and intersex people.
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