Fiction: Tender girl

Yup, this seems like a good place... And...AWAKEN Huh? Amy what am I doing here? Last I remember I was in my room an WHAT THE HELL AM I WEARING?!‘ Hey Samuel, I mean Serena bet you regret mocking my attempts to learn hypnotism now don't you? You sure did choose a cute outfit from the boutique though and the stylist was only too happy to let a young crossdresser like you blossom into the beautiful girl you are now. Anyway Serena I'm gonna put you back under hypnosis now, because your date should be here any minute.‘

Semi Mask Lily         STARTING AT: $230.00

  • Female mask are very soft, strong and elastic, and they stretch to many times  their original size without tearing. When removed, they return to their original  size.
  • Semi Mask Lily are designed for the Transgendered
crossdresser, crossdressing, transgender, Travesti


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